ListsHow to create a Poll on Facebook for more audience engagement?

Nowadays Social media platforms are the best places to read a market, analyse demands and prepare strategies accordingly. There are multiple stages where brands and businesses prepare campaigns or polls to understand their audience better in order to serve them well.

Poll on Facebook

Facebook being the hub of all kinds of target market welcomes varied companies to express themselves on it. Brands interact with their relevant customers to expand the base and improve revenues. A poll on Facebook plays a very interesting role in this strategizing and marketing part for these companies.

There are several benefits of a poll on Facebook that helps the marketers grow and improve their returns while building a positive brand image.

Power of a poll on Facebook

It is a step wise simple way to create a poll on Facebook that can uplift the overall social media presence of subjected brands. Facebook has many features such as mentioning friends, pointing locations/check-ins, tagging events and graphics which also allow users to create a poll too.

Poll on Facebook

Using a poll on Facebook makes it easier for marketers to ask questions to their audiences directly. Obtaining authentic information about the market becomes easier because the source of data is the audience or market itself. It leads to better planning and targeted strategizing which results in actual success every time.

A poll on Facebook gives great strength to the marketers as knowing your customer’s choices and preferences through them itself is highly serviceable.


  1. A poll on Facebook must contain questions and content abiding by the Facebook guidelines.
  2. People or customers can add multiple options to a poll on Facebook when it is intended to be a group poll.
  3. When a poll is created for the page or story then it can have up to two options only.
  4. Users can create polls on their page, stories and group.
  5. One cannot create a poll on their Facebook timeline or personal newsfeed in any manner.

How to create a poll on Facebook pages?

Using a page on Facebook to post polls is a wise step towards gaining maximum genuine facts and information relevant to the visitors/followers on it.

It connects the marketers with the right customers along with their interests, passion, opinions, views, preferences and choices.

Poll on Facebook

Follow the steps below to create a poll on Facebook page:

  1. Go to the Facebook search bar and type “poll”.
  2. Decide an appropriate title or subject line for the poll that needs to be posted on the page.
  3. Type it in the bar “poll title” to confirm the headline.
  4. Click on “Next: Questions” to fill the other details about the poll such as the query and the options.
  5. Remember that the options provided can only be two in number thus pick them wisely.
  6. Click post to proceed with the final poll.

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How to create a poll on Facebook groups?

Facebook polls can have more than two options only when it is posted on behalf of a group. It is yet more simpler process which brings in infinite number of suggestions and opinions to the forefront that supports businesses more accurately.

Poll on Facebook

Here you can follow the steps to create a poll on Facebook groups:

  1. Go to the group’s homepage by selecting it on your profile
  2. Tap or click on the dialog box on the beginning of the page that says “Write something”.
  3. Select the “Publishing Tools” option from the bar below the highlighted dialog box.
  4. This will land the cursor on the Publishing Tools page where you need to select “+Create”
  5. Click on “poll” option from the menu
  6. Type the question along with the multiple answer options in the available space on it.
  7. Select post option and it will be published on the group’s page.
  8. To avoid allowing other members to add their options and answers to the poll, select the “Post Options” on the left corner of poll box. Uncheck all the settings to keep the options as per owner or admin’s choice.
  9. It is important to pick an end time for the poll that will be adjusted on the options to restrict unlimited quizzing time.
  10. The poll can also be scheduled under the schedule post option that will make the poll public at the preferred time only.

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Benefits of Facebook polls

There are numerous benefits of this new advanced feature included in the popular social media platform. It can be done to either particularly target specific audience to obtain information and data or to simply entertain the audience for more interaction.

The Facebook polls help marketers discover newer ideas, options and use generated content for better campaigns. Moreover, polls also increase the overall engagement on the account besides developing a direct positive relationship between the brand and its customers.

Polls expand the reach of the publishing or launch scheduled if any and they also help brands grab attention of their customers for more profits.

A poll on Facebook is simply fun and if you are a brand looking for some great social media success then do try it for sure.

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