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Steady growth of E Commerce has cast a shadow on Black Fridays in the past couple of years and this year is going to be no different. Despite an increase (a modest increase but increase nonetheless) in average salaries, employment growth and consumer confidence; footfall in the malls is expected to drop. But you can distract yourself from all the economical and political conversations by indulging in some funny and entertaining videos centered around the annual extravaganza. Here are 10 Black Friday Videos that you should watch before you go shopping:

Note: All the data and stats mentioned here are updated till 23 November

10. Fights, brawls, attacks, thefts and stampedes of Black Friday 2015

Well, people can be crazy! Especially on a Black Friday! Here’s a compilation of all the fights and brawls that happened across the US last year.

Year: 2015     Views: 1,823,658     Likes: 4,212     Dislikes: 1,570

9. The Scariest Black Friday Haul Ever by grav3yardgirl

Famous for her ‘tea vlogs’, Rachel Meyer aka grav3yardgirl is one of the highest paid fashion vloggers on YouTube. If you are into fashion/beauty and you have a thing for the paranormal, you’ve got to subscribe to her channel! In this video which has over 1.9 million views, she shows off the stuff that she bought on Black Friday in 2013.


Year: 2013     Views: 1,901,924     Likes: 48,809     Dislikes: 995

8. The Worst Black Friday Disasters by The Richest

With over 5.5 million subscribers, The Richest is one of the most popular listicle channels on YouTube. In this 2014 video, you can check out some of the worst Black Friday disasters on record.


Year: 2014     Views: 2,298,955      Likes: 6,482     Dislikes: 895

7. Craziest Black Friday Stories by Good Mythical Morning

Arguably the most popular morning talk shows on YouTube, Good Mythical Morning is run by the comedy duo of Rhett and Link. The talk show is extremely popular among savvy millennials and hosts celebrities like Daniel Radcliffe and Kevin Smith quite often. In this 2015 video, they talk about 4 crazy stories centered around Black Friday.


Year: 2015     Views: 2,349,702     Likes: 43,612     Dislikes: 648

6. Black Friday Haul by Bethany Mota

Does she need an introduction? Probably not. With over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, 1.7 million fans on Facebook, 5.7 Million followers on Instagram and 3.7 million on Twitter; she is what you can call a complete Internet Superstar. In this 2012 video, she shows off her Black Friday buys.


Year: 2012     Views: 3,454,485    Likes: 54,866     Dislikes: 1,135

5. Black Friday Dollar Store by Improv Everywhere

Based out of New York City, Improv Everywhere is a comedic performance art group that was formed in 2001. They are famous for the ‘scenes’ that they create in public places. They’ve been on YouTube since 2006 and you can find a lot of funny prank videos and flash mob videos on their channel. Do check them out.

In this 2012 video, around 100 people camp out in front of a 99 cent store in Manhattan.


Year: 2012     Views: 5,604,595     Likes: 41,148     Dislikes: 1,790

4. Black Friday Shopping Prank by MediocreFilms

MediocreFimls is a channel run by actor comedian Gregory Charles Benson. From prank videos to pop culture analysis and listicle videos, the channel uploads a variety of entertaining content. In this prank video, he visits malls along with his friend Ryan. Both of them ask for weird items from their shopping lists. The twist in the tale is that Greg has the list prepared by Ryan whereas Ryan has the one by Greg.

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Year: 2011     Views: 5,620,199      Likes: 28,043     Dislikes: 1,955

3. Skipping Lines On Black Friday Prank by VitalyzdTv

VitalyzdTv is a popular channel on YouTube that features prank videos performed by Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. He is a part of the MCN Studio 71 and the channel has over 9 million subscribers and over 1 billion views! In this video, he tries to skip long lines of people looking for Black Friday deals and tries to piss them off!

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Year: 2014     Views: 6,167,101      Likes: 84,166     Dislikes: 2,678

2. Jazzy’s Black Friday FAIL by Seven Super Girls

Seven Super Girls is a collaboration channel of 7 different girls from the US and UK. A video is uploaded every day of the week and each day is set aside for one of the seven girls. This video is all about one of the girls Jazzy getting ready for Black Friday shopping.

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Year: 2014     Views: 6,194,503       Likes: 30,091     Dislikes: 2,729

1. Black Friday Employee Prank by PrankvsPrank

If you are a fan of prank videos, it is a given that you would have seen the videos by PrankvsPrank. It is a YouTube channel that was created in 2009 by Jesse and his girlfriend Jeana where they upload videos of them pranking each other. In this video, they dress up as employees from stores, act like workers and troll the customers.

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Year: 2012     Views: 20,957,133      Likes: 166,902     Dislikes: 7,395


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