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Rise of TikTok is nowhere near to an end. TikTok fan count is increasing with each passing day, and users from all parts of the society with different backgrounds are now turning into celebrities. Earlier we wrote about Top TikTok users in USA, UK and India and this time we will dive into some of the Popular TikTok Stars in Pakistan.

There are people who consider that the content on TikTok isn’t at par with the rich content on other social media platforms but what these people may not realize is that TikTok is a gant that has slowly taken over the social media world.. In most of the countries, TikTok is one of the most popular apps, and so does the stats say. TikTok is the most downloaded app in Apple App Store (Q1 2018), 6th most downloaded app in the World (Q1 2018), downloaded by 1 in 7 People in Thailand and it seems that the app in no mood to share its top position

TikTok hosts short content videos, which are nowadays a fun source of entertainment. The consumption is getting fast, and the content is getting short. We as humans are continuously evolving, and that is getting reflected in our consumption pattern, and TikTok is the best example to support this argument.

TikTok app keeps on presenting us a short mode of entertainment in the form of lip-syncing, dancing, cooking, & all sorts of short videos and the popularity of such videos are not only limited to TikTok but are prevalent across other platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

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Pakistan is no exception to this rise, and their TikTok users are growing at a tremendous rate. It is clear that common people are becoming celebrities with each passing day, so we are here to update you about who might be the next TikTok star

Note: Stats as per 1 August 2019 

1. Pinky Francis

First among the famous Tiktok stars in Pakistan is 26 years old Pinky Francis, born in Pakistan and currently residing in Dubai is a famous TikTok star with a huge fan following in merely one year of debuting on TikTok. She is well known for her comedy video clips, funny Urdu dialogues, vignettes and lip-syncs. Pinky has collaborated with Arshfam on TikTok. With charming looks and entertaining personality, her videos are surely a fun treat, and that is the reason she has been able to gather 2.4 million fans and more than 31 million hearts on the platform.

TikTok ID: @pinkyfrancis

2. Pretty Alia

Next among the famous Tiktok stars in Pakistan is the very versatile and multi-talented, Alia, who is best known for her acting skills on TikTok. Her videos are emotionally charging and mainly based on popular drama dialogues and talk shows. Her videos are full of fun and catchy songs. Her account recently got hacked and due to which she lost most of her fans and now has only 26k fans on her profile.

TikTok ID: @prettyalia1

3. Buggs Bunny

He loves calling himself ‘bunny’ and TikTok is in awe of his style and acting. His videos are quite popular on TikTok showcasing his acting skills, and he is often seen participating in challenges. He has collaborated on duet videos with Esha Hussain, Hiba Sana and many more. Buggs Bunny currently has a verified account on TikTok and has a fan following of more than 245.5k followers and won over 4.4 million hearts.

TikTok ID: @mjahsan20

4. Reeja Jeelani

With more than 426.1k fans and 3.5 million hearts, Reeja Jeelani is another famous Tiktok star in Pakistan and rose to stardom on Dubsmash and Instagram much before debuting on TikTok. Her videos are best known for her lip-sync skills and creative way of presenting. Her makeup styles are awesome, and often she comes up with new styles on TikTok. She often collaborates on duet videos with fellow TikTok stars such as Mr.mnv and Saqib Awan 

TikTok ID: @reejajeelani

5. Pir Ahmed

Be it slow motion, dialogues, monologues or more, Pir Ahmed’s TikTok page is full of varied content videos. He loves to create whatever he likes, and fans love his style and uniqueness, and that is why he is able to get more than 6.8 million hearts and 444.1k fans. He is a crowned muser and follows his passion for style blogging.

TikTok ID: @pirahmed

6. Hazeera

The very beautiful and super talented Hazeera was already a star on Musical.ly and continues to be one on TikTok too. She is famous for the perfect expressions on every emotion or content. Her profile is full of funny dialogues and emotional songs. She is now winning the hearts of TikTok fans and till now have collected more than 3.9 million of them and has a fan following of more than 629.5k.

TikTok ID: @hazeera_k

7. Nouman Rizwan Khan

New among the famous Tiktok stars in Pakistan, Rizwan just loves songs, be it typical desi or Bollywood. This guy has killing dance moves, on-point expressions, and emotions. His videos are full of music and occasional dialogues. He is famous for his right sound choices for any kind of content, and TikTok fans are quite impressed with his choices. He currently has a fan following of 55k followers with 648k hearts, and he can often be seen collaborating with Rukhsar Mughal, Shaiz Raj and Danixh on TikTok

TikTok ID: @bboyjonty

8. Mubeen Rehman

Mubeen is blessed with mind-blowing dance skills and expressive acting. His videos, full of raps and popular melodies mixed with his cute and charming looks are a hit on TikTok. He has collaborated with fellow TikTok stars including Reeka on dialogue duets and has won more than 2.1 million hearts on the platform.

TikTok ID: @mubeenrehman66

9. Ibrahim

Ibrahim has the perfect blend of cute looks, style, skills, and talent. His TikTok account is full of monologues, dialogues, and fast pace music, which is hard to miss. He has previously collaborated with Shahzaib Malyk and Jannat Mirza. He currently has more than 409k fans and has collected more than 5.7 million hearts.

 TikTok ID: @ibrahimm007

10. Anum Asad

With slaying looks and attractive personality, 23-year old Anum Asad has great acting skills and dialogue choices.  Her TikTok videos are famous for lip-syncs and song choices. She has featured in popular drama series like Bilqees Kaur, Ahmad Habib Ki Baitiyan, Band Khirkiyan and more. She is often seen endorsing brands and has been in the cover of popular fashion magazines. She currently holds 336k fans on her profile and has got more than 1.2 million hearts.

TikTok ID: @anumasad

11. Yasir Hussain

Next among the famous Tiktok stars in Pakistan is Yasir Hussain, an actor, host, screenwriter and a celebrity from Islamabad who has a huge fan following on TikTok. He regularly posts hilarious videos on TikTok. Yasir made his Lollywood debut with “Karachi Se Lahore,” starred in several Telefilms, Theatre shows and more. He is currently dating Tv actress Iqra Aziz, and their pictures from Thailand vacations became viral online. He currently has more than 226k fans and 707k hearts on his profile.

 TikTok ID: @hussain.yasir

12. Noor Hassan

Last among the famous Tiktok stars in Pakistan is Noor Hassan. Best known as Khizer in TV series Humsafar, Noor Hassan is a Pakistani actor, model, and director who started his career as an RJ. Nowadays, he is ruling TikTok with hilarious videos. His videos are energy-packed and will surely make you laugh aloud. Some of his funny videos include English learning, a desperate search of love, and more. He is a star who makes our daily activities turn into a mood booster. Noor has a fan base of more than 573k fans and has collected more than 4.7 million hearts on the platform.

TikTok ID: @noorhassan17

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