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This August, Facebook launched “Watch” to lure its 2 billion-plus users to watch original content just like we do on YouTube. Launched only for America, Facebook promised its users with an array of content in the form of web series, sketches, reality shows, animation, live feeds, documentaries etc. This shows Facebooks ability to seek content that’s not just random viral videos but a complete series in order to catapult “Facebook Watch.”

After the announcement, Facebook roped digital media companies like ATTN, BuzzfeedVOX and Group Nine Media (Thrillist, NowThis, The Dodo, Seeker) to generate original content specifically for Facebook Watch. As per reports, Facebook was ready to pay up more than $250,000 for the longer, scripted shows and $10,000 to $35,000 per show for short-form content.

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These fully funded projects, known internally as “Hero” shows, provides more T.V style format which is apt for young millennial viewers and launched its first wave of originals in the month of August. Here is the list of popular web series on Facebook Watch to binge right now.

Ball in the Family

Ball In The Family is an American reality television show that airs on Facebook Watch every Sunday. If you love Basketball, this show will keep you entertained. This show has officially become the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” of sports.

Returning the Favor

Feeling down in the dumps?

The former host of Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe stars in this hear warming Facebook watch series where he travels the country in search of remarkable people making difference in their communities.


This Facebook watch webseries is Facebook’s Lesbian ‘Room 104.” The seven-episode series follows a young woman living in Los Angeles who rents out her extra room on Airbnb where she cheats her boyfriend with a woman.

Loosely Exactly Nicole

Loosely Exactly Nicole was initially a canceled MTV series that Facebook picked up to help establish an original scripted brand. The series is well received by its viewers and is renewed for the second season.

Your Food’s Roots this summer

Facebook teamed up with Zooey Deschanel and ATTN Media to create a must-watch series for individuals seeking to reconnect with the food they consume.

Overrated by Vox

Overrated is a new series from Vox that takes a look at the things we all use – the books, the trends, and the ideas that have become iconic – and answers the question: “Why is this so famous”? This is one of the most popular web series on Facebook Watch to binge in just one day.

Gettin’ Wild With Snoop Dogg by Joker’s Wild

If you like snoop dog and his work, then you will love this new Facebook watch series. The show follows snoop dogs journey to become a game show host

StarTalk Network by StarTalk

This series is the perfect talk show for nerds all over the world. The show features guests like Mayim Bialik from the big bang theory, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Bill Nye and many others.

These media partners who partnered with Facebook for short or long form video series were also given the permission to publish the video outside the “Watch” ecosystem, independent of Facebook funding by offering a cut of the advertising revenue made off the shows.


The end of November 2017 culminated the first season of their original shows and the total viewership was next to negligible. Almost all the shows on “Watch” generated high viewership only for the first episode and showed a significant decline by for rest of the series. It was so bad that Facebook has ordered second seasons for only a handful of the original shows with its funding for its Watch video section.  Here is the viewership for the most popular shows on the Facebook watch that got renewed for a second season.

Source – Business Insider


In order to help existing and new content creators, Facebook launched its standalone mobile app to help users manage their Facebook pages by providing a bunch of tools for streaming video, updating stories, and message people across several of Facebook’s platforms.


For all who are confused, this is the updated version of Facebook MENTIONS app which used to be available only for select creators.

The Facebook Creator App now includes:

  • Live Creative Kit to make your videos more personal and interactive
  • Create custom intros and outros for Facebook Live videos
  • Take and edit photos and post them to Facebook Stories and other platforms
  • See and respond to comments from Facebook and Instagram, and messages from Messenger, in one place
  • Check insights about your Page, audience, and videos
  • Upload videos and share to your Facebook story
  • Share your content on Instagram and Twitter

At present, the app the launched globally on the iOS platform and will roll out for Android users in the coming months. The creators who join Facebook Creators through their website will be considered for early access.


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