YouTube MarketingHow Pornhub did marketing campaigns on various social media platforms.

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Whether it’s a garage store, a fashion brand or an adult website; YouTube is a platform for everyone! Those who say that YouTube Marketing is not for every brand should know that adult website Pornhub has a kickass YouTube channel. In fact; its above-the-line marketing campaigns allow it to compete even with mainstream brands like Axe and Old spice!

For the ones who do not know about Pornhub (a very small percentage of the readers I’m sure!), it is one of the most popular porn websites in the world. It’s so popular that Pornhub’s alexa ranking (52) in 2016 is better than that of (55)! Pornhub is probably the only adult website that has incorporated social, content and digital PR in its marketing mix. Here’s an overview of their marketing machinery:


Times Square

In 2014, Pornhub erected (pun intended) a family-friendly ad banner “All You Need Is Hand” in Times Square and even hired a choir to sing a version of the Beatles “All You Need Is Love.” It costs anywhere between $1.1 million and $4 million a year to have your brand on one of those flashy, digital neon billboards that light up New York’s Times Square!

ponrhub times square(Image Source)

Quick trivia – “All You Need Is Love” was the last Beatles song recorded.

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Content marketing –

HARD data

To explore the nuances of online porn viewership, Pornhub compiles viewership data from billions of hits on its website and uploads the results on its YouTube channel. Content spearheads like Huntington post, Daily news, Buzzfeed, Vice, and Gizmodo have written hundreds of articles based on this data by Pornhub.

Pornhub insights
Pornhub insights

PR –

Porno In Space

Pornhub did a tongue in cheek crowdfunded promotional marketing campaign titled Sexploration – Help us make the first sex tape in space. The goal was to raise over $3.4 million through the crowdfunding! Even though they could not hit that goal, they still managed to generate $236,086 USD and received massive media coverage in the process. The stories were featured on sites like Buzzfeed, The Washington post, Variety, Vice, TechCrunch and almost all the popular digital tabloids! The first porno in space was buzzworthy enough to catch the eyeballs of even those who had never heard of Pornhub before.

Porn mentions

Quick trivia – Pornhub refunded the whole amount generated.

Consumer tech –

So, what kind of technological innovations would you try if your brand is the world’s most visited adult website?

The Wankband –

A watch-like wearable tech where a kinetic charger inside stores the electricity generated while you love yourself. Using this, you can charge your laptops, cell phones, camera and other USB devices! Check out this funny video on Pornhub YouTube channel.

BangFit – Mobile App

This mobile app combines the cardio of Zumba, the intensity of CrossFit, and the flexibility of yoga to give you the ultimate exercise experience. They posted a video supporting this mobile app on their Pornhub YouTube channel. The landing page of this mobile app has generated more than 200K unique visitors till date and is still available for download!

Twerking Butt –

Twerking Butt is a $1000 vibrating, robotic butt (made from CyberSkin) that hooks up to a virtual reality headset.

Social Media Marketing –

Pornhub ARIA

Pornhub is quite active on Twitter under the handle “Pornhub ARIA”. The handle is quite active and funny. She also manages pornhub’s youtube channel.

How is it exciting?

Zomato, an online restaurant guide, is among the most valuable startups in India. As an experiment, it teamed up with Traffic Junky and Traffic Factory (advertisers for pornographic sites) and began running ads on Pornhub. And this is what Pornhub tweeted:

Trivia – At the end of the campaign, Zomato reported that the average CTR (Click Through Rate) was 0.22%.

Here’s another one,

Women and Child Development Minister Sandeep Kumar was seen in a compromising position with a woman in an ‘objectionable’ video that was leaked.

Amidst all the outrage surrounding the incident Pornhub tweeted this:

Influencer Marketing –

Pornhub Records –

Yes, the world’s number one porn site can even be considered a music label after it launched a contest to find the “ultimate” Pornhub anthem. The contest winner was supposed to receive $5,000 to make a music video, which would be placed on Pornhub TV with a guaranteed minimum of 500,000 views.

The end result –

BET Hip Hop Award winner Waka Flocka Flame collaborated with Pornhub records for the single “Bust”.

Do you know – MindGeek owns Brazzers, Reality Kings, Digital Playground, Mofos, and Twistys, websites of Wicked pictures, and manages a portion of Playboy, their TV/web presence brand named Playboy Plus.

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Environment-friendly –

American Wood

Arbor Day is a holiday where people around the world are encouraged to plant and care for trees. Pornhub used this holiday to put up a unique marketing campaign called “Pornhub Gives America Wood.”


The idea behind the campaign was that Pornhub would donate a tree for every 100 videos viewed in a specific category. And the result was worth talking about. (See image above)

Video Marketing –

Pornhub YouTube Channel

youtube pornhub

  • Adult film star Christy Mack teamed up with Pornhub on YouTube to launch a line of clothing to support the fight against domestic violence.
  • Pornhub runs an annual scholarship called Pornhub Cares.

If you look at campaigns like this, you’d know that Pornhub takes its brand image quite seriously. Since adult entertainment websites are barred from advertising on TV, Facebook and on Google; Pornhub cleverly decided to utilize YouTube as a platform to build a brand identity. This is why Pornhub on YouTube is much more a clean and productive YouTube channel.

Here is an ad that they ran last year to win the Gizmodo ad of the year:

Pornhub Premium Gifting Service TV Ad (SFW)

A Spain-based ad agency called Officer & Gentleman created this holiday ad, which is Safe For Work and subtle enough for any website to share.

The ad went viral, and has generated more than 6 million views (12 years of watch time) and has been shared more than 50 thousand times on social media platforms!

YouTube channel stats

Pornhub YouTube Stats

Using porn in Titles & Tags

Before YouTube updated its content restriction, many YouTubers used the “PORN” keyword in their tags and titles.

For example,

PornHub’s BangFit REACTION!!!Tyrone Magnus (910,377 subscribers)

I’M ON PORNHUB – AmandasChronicles (731,296 subscribers)

PornHub vs RedTube – FaZe Rain (4,328,190 subscribers)

This is a great way to generate viewership as the perks of free stuff/promotion and monetization money goes hands on hand.

So, have you checked the YouTube channel of Pornhub? Do tell us what you think by commenting below.


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