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Trisha Malhotra2 years ago

If a photo’s worth a thousand words, then how much more valuable is video? With the ongoing growth of video marketing, many have been influenced and are likely to invest.

It is very true that evolution of video marketing has made space for many content creators but the concern circles around the amount of knowledge and understanding which is still lacking.

It’s understandable that people may not know everything about video marketing, production, and analytics and this is exactly why we hosted a Meetup on 17th March ’18, Saturday.

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The target of the Meetup was towards video enthusiasts who were willing to absorb knowledge and expertise from certified YouTube experts.

For the first time, there was quite a positive response with 50 people turning up and sharing their views and understanding of video marketing.

Nishant Radia started by addressing the audience and speaking about in brief about the basics of video marketing and also set the agenda of the Meetup which focused on grasping knowledge from the experts at the Meetup.

In no time, Subrat Kar, CEO of Vidooly took the audience by surprise with his explicit talk about the scope of digital world and analytics wherein he shared some actionable insights with the audience.

We had a variety of content creators and knowledge seekers at the Meetup, from NGOs to budding YouTubers. The mix match crowd, however, lead to interactive sessions where many questions and doubts came across and were successfully answered.

Live streams and hashtags like ‘ #digitalvideomeetup2018 ‘, ‘#dvm2018’ were trending on Twitter during the Meetup. Across all platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram there was a decent number of posts shared by the audience on their respective social media handles.

The goal of the Meetup was evidently reached as the traction on the social media handles was amazing and not to miss the positive feedback given by the audience which made the meetup a great success.


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