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In a world of peace & love, Music would be the official Language

Music is amongst the few inventions of humankind which is liked by everyone irrespective of age, gender, income group, location etc. It has been an integral part of human life from early civilizations to troubled war times during the world wars to the 21st-century information age. Even Adolf Hitler made music a part & parcel of his life. With time music has seen a sea of changes to different versions & platforms to promote. It started with Public Gatherings & moved to Theatres >> Vinyl >> Cassettes >> CD >> Pen-Drive >> Digital Platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc) & many more to come in future. Unlike the early times, the current generation is spoilt with options to promote himself/herself as a full-time musician. Though the options are plenty to get noticed as a singer or musician in any public online platform but in this blog, we would only be focusing on 11 simple ways to promote your Music Videos on Facebook.

Promote your Music Videos on Facebook: Understanding the Facebook Landscape

How to Promote Music Videos on Facebook?

The total world population as of Nov 2018 data is 7.7 Billion. Of this 7.7 Billion India & China together have a contribution of around 36%. Surprisingly total number of active Facebook users globally is around 2.7 Billion+ which is near to 35% of the global population. With such a large audience base, Facebook at the moment is the best platform to announce yourself and be the next global icon in making. Remember many singing superstars today also have passed through this stage but you have the advantage over them with so many options to showcase your talent or promote your music videos.

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Facebook is a perfectly curated platform to make a self-promotion without depending on any developer for a website or blog or investing in domain & hosting. Instead, you could use the same money in Facebook ads to increase your visibility faster. Facebook Business page has all the features on offering that a blogger or a brand would need in a website. If you are wondering how to write blogs on a Facebook business page, chill…! Facebook notes takes the place of a website blog. Although there are limitations compared to a fully-fledged website but it’s the best option to get started and as we know Starting problem is the biggest problem. So what are you waiting for create a Facebook business page if not done already and start promoting your music videos on Facebook to 35% of the total world population.

A living example is the Tareefan reprise version singer Lisha Mishra. 11 years of continuous vlogging on self-made music videos across platforms and her hard work and talent finally got the desired attention. She got her first Bollywood break by Rhea Kapoor in Veere Di Wedding.

Now let’s elaborate on 11 simple ways to promote your Music Videos on Facebook.

Let’s skip creation of a Facebook business page because that’s mandatory. Although one can also promote through a Facebook profile but the effectiveness would be significantly low.

Promote your Music Videos on Facebook: Go Offline to Boost Your Online Followers

How to Promote Music Videos on Facebook?

You can’t ramp up your Facebook followers just by posting updates and videos or going FB Live. To make it more effective and organic you have to do some leg work also. Go offline and do some shows at cafés, crowded places, shopping complexes etc to draw the attention of your potential audience. Create a craze about your music and your voice. This would lead to people coming to your Facebook page through searches and not you going to them by algorithms. Initially follow the audience with a push strategy and then follow the pull strategy of marketing.

This can be combined with a Facebook live of this offline events to establish a connection between online & offline. A Facebook Live has the highest organic reach out of all types of posts available for marketers. This would boost your organic reach thereby making your voice reach to the masses.

Promote your Music Videos on Facebook: Stress on Your Voice not Quality of Video

Your audience is interested in your voice first then the quality of your video graphics. Considering the low organic reach of Facebook, stress more on your voice to ensure you get more engagements from your audience to make the video go viral. Save the money that you would be investing in editing your video and use it to increase your audience base through Facebook ads.

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Gentle Reminder: Normally in the music genre, people judge singers based on the voice quality rather than the graphics of the video. A simple guitar with an unplugged cover song using a smartphone camera can also do wonders for your reputation.

Promote your Music Videos on Facebook: Make Humanistic Posts

The biggest mistake that individual creators or musicians often do while promoting on Facebook or be it any other online platform is they try to replicate social media strategy of brands. One has to understand that the approach of a brand & an individual creator on Facebook has to be different. While a brand would opt for a more of creative and un-conventionally creative posts straight out of the box but individual creators should stick to their genre along with a piece of their life for the public. Not necessary to make your life an open book on Facebook but do keep them informed about happenings in your life.

For Example: If you are visiting Odisha for a show or for any personal reasons it’s not at all a bad idea to share some pics of places you visit or of the local cuisine. This brings a sense of belongingness for your audience towards you from the local crowd as well as helps build a diverse audience base.

Promote your Music Videos on Facebook: Hit the Reply Button

How to Promote Music Videos on Facebook?

Once there is a fan following for your voice, there will be a considerable rise in the engagement of your posts. But rather getting excited seeing the posts make your audience excited by hitting the reply button. Don’t forget with your growing popularity now you have become an influencer or a celebrity for your audience. So just a small reply will further increase their loyalty towards you.

For Extra Brownie Points: Create a Facebook group or share your posts in the Facebook group with an interest in Music for more engagements & reach.


Promote your Music Videos on Facebook: GO LIVE & Give them a Tour of your Journey

The only way out of the dying organic reach of the Facebook algorithm is to go Facebook Live. Do frequent FB live and share behind the scene visuals or just a vocal performance with your favorite unplugged instrument. Having a casual approach helps the audience connect better.

Apart from live vocal performances, also focus on AMA sessions (ask me anything), contests, shoutout to your super fans & giveaways. This strategy helps in better audience retention rate which is a key factor for anyone depending majorly on video posts for promotion.

Promote your Music Videos on Facebook: Put Some Money & Invest in Facebook Ads

Marketing is always an investment never an expense. Keep a budget aside for Facebook ads. Facebook has a lot of ad options for marketers looking to boost up their visibility in the news feed for faster results. But the best option for an individual creator looking to promote a music video would be to use the video views promotion feature. This along with the custom audience feature based on post engagement is a deadly combination

Facebook Custom Audience

Custom Audience based on Post Engagement: This feature allows social media marketers to customize their audience targeting based on the engagements. For example, if a user has seen a video for more than or equal to 50% of the total duration, you will be able to re-target the same video to the user through sponsored posts to give a chance to view the same video post for the entire duration.

Based on feedback by the social media experts around the world the best way to use this feature is to target the audience who have viewed from 25%-50% of the total video duration rather than targeting 75% or more. But again these metrics vary from genres to genres and the ad interface analytics should be tracked based on the percentage of video viewed and accordingly custom audience should be created.

Tutorials on Steps to create a custom audience in Facebook are plentily available on YouTube.

Promote your Music Videos on Facebook: Post Natively in Facebook & Keep a tab on Tags

Another biggest mistake most music video owners do is ignoring the native video post feature in Facebook and sharing YouTube video links in Facebook. One has to understand Facebook doesn’t like users going out of its website and demotes posts and accounts with external links. Only natively posted videos on Facebook have a good organic reach and higher chances of engagement.

How to Promote Music Videos on Facebook?

Use of Tags: Tags help in increasing the visibility and ranking of videos in search results. One has to understand there is a huge amount of content available on Facebook. To be able to rank in the search results of the 2nd biggest search engine, i.e Facebook, tags are the only option available for content creators. The best practice is to use a mix of relevant keywords + trending keywords in the genre.

Promote your Music Videos on Facebook: Use Analytics to Track Performance

Marketing without data is just like driving a car without lights or in complete dark. Data has become such an important factor in new age marketing practices that marketers have now started new techniques to track offline marketing campaigns. However, the beauty of an online platform based marketing or digital marketing lies in the ability to track its performance for every penny spent.

How to Promote Music Videos on Facebook?
Source: d4 Music Marketing

Use the available data in the Facebook ads manager interface to track the performance and accordingly understand the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing campaign. For deeper insights and creation of a marketing funnel of your audience, you can further use Facebook analytics available in ads manager.

For Promotion of Music Videos: Analytics available in ads manager interface can help you to track the consumer behavior of your target audience. It can give information on how much of the total duration of the video is being watched by your audience. This metrics helps you to finalize your custom audience selection.

Promote your Music Videos on Facebook: Use Vidooly’s Creator Dashboard Tool

Vidooly Media Tech, a video intelligence company provides individual video content creators/brands with multiple options to understand the video landscape in the online platform.

How to Promote Music Videos on Facebook?

Individual content creators can use Vidooly’s creator dashboard tool to understand and analyze the performance of their Facebook videos and YouTube channel. Vidooly’s creator dashboard also suggests seo optimized tags along with competition in the market for the following tags. The tool can also be used to do a competitor analysis for music video owners to understand the strategy of their closed competitors.

Promote your Music Videos on Facebook: Add Subtitles & Ensure Cross-Posting

Last and final touches. Once you have a good fan base and engagement is on rise, focus on increasing the graphics quality in videos and invest more on cinematography. The progress has to be made on a phase by phase manner rather than an instant one. A beauty of posting a native video in Facebook is that it allows uploading subtitles of your music video by using a SRT format file. Once the graphics quality is better and the audience would also be interested to see the muted version of the music video, the uploaded subtitles would ensure audience retention rate doesn’t decrease. Videos with subtitle keyword in title also have a better chance of ranking the SERP of Facebook.

Collaborate with other Facebook pages through paid or organic mode for cross posting of your videos. Cross posting feature is available for all Facebook videos posted natively. This helps in increasing the engagement for videos and most importantly helps in creating a diverse audience base+ visibility in varied locations.

Promote your Music Videos on Facebook: Never Stop Hustling

How to Promote Music Videos on Facebook?

With all these engagements, reach, posts, shows, FB Live etc do not forget to practice. Keep time for yourself & practicing new notes, lyrics & for recordings. Remember often the most difficult journeys only lead you to a beautiful destination. So never stop hustling and learn, unlearn & relearn.

Note: Even 100 simple ways will be of no use if the individual content creator lacks patience & consistency. Remember Rome was not built in 1 simple day so it will definitely take time for you to reach the level of current global music icons on YouTube.

So what are you waiting for? You can start by uploading your first bathroom song. It would for surely GO Viral..!

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