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Are you working on a YouTube channel? Are you a Vlogger or Making Videos on YouTube? Yeah! That’s great, you don’t need to worry about promoting your YouTube videos on any other social media. Here we have amazing ways through which you can promote your YouTube videos on Instagram. Social media is the platform where everyone need to promote their content, businesses of different type like board games land, youtube videos, and real-life industry projects.

There are many ways to promote your videos on Instagram. We will discuss 4 different ways through which you can promote your YouTube videos on Instagram. Instagram is not only the one social media on which you can promote videos but there are multiple social networks. But Instagram has amazing features and apps that are useful and helps the Android and iPhone users. Instagram apps do not only help in promoting videos but also help in spy on iPhone and Android. So, you can also promote videos with Instagram apps.

 #1: Start Using Hashtags on Instagram

We hope that you already know what hashtags are because you always use these hashtags feature on twitter and your Facebook account. Today, I am going to show you, how hashtags are more useful for your Instagram to promote YouTube videos.

The key point is, whenever you upload your own video on YouTube, we recommend to write separately the keywords for your new video. Write down all your keywords on a sheet. On the other hand, when you upload a new status, just use those keywords as a hashtag. Hashtags are most of the time search by many users. So, whenever a user searches the specific hashtags it will redirect to your account.

Although, if you are familiar with trending hashtags then you can use these trending hashtags too. The reason is very clear that most of the time, users go for the trending section in the Instagram and use hashtags. They will reach your account by following the hashtags.

#2: Make Instagram Photos Unique

It simply means that you have to make your Instagram photos and posts unique. Use the branding words or logo or use watermark on your photos. It is more recommended that whenever you upload new photo use brand name on the photo that should be related to your YouTube account and YouTube videos niche.

Why should we do this?  Here are the few reasons because we have seen that many channels and companies are recognized by their branding logos and unique name. That’s why you will recognize as the unique brand. On the other hand, when someone copies your posts or images, your brand name will also copy and publish on their timelines. This is a great advantage to constantly uniqueness in your timeline.

We recommend uploading the photos with the branding of your YouTube videos daily so that users who are touch in with you can see daily updates on your Instagram timeline.

#3: Link your Latest Videos with Instagram Account

Now you are thinking that how to link YouTube videos with Instagram Account? So, it’s very simple, you need to do a few things. Once you created your Instagram account, write briefly about yourself, use your original image and everything on Instagram. It’s time to add your new YouTube channel with your Bio.

Yes, With the little introduction, you can introduce your YouTube working experience by sharing your YouTube link in your Profile Bio. We suggest that whenever you upload a new video on your YouTube channel. Copy the link and paste it into your Instagram Profile Bio.

Whenever a new visitor comes, it will redirect to your new YouTube video. Moreover, you can upload the picture from your YouTube video to Instagram and post and write something like this” Hey Friends! I have an amazing new video for you, hope you enjoy it”. This is the best way to engage your fans for your best videos.

#4: Build Interest in your YouTube channel

Just using the hashtags, branding images, linking in the profile cannot promote your YouTube videos. You have to build the interest and think more than what people like and what they don’t like. You have to keep in mind the interest of the users who will watch your videos.

What you can do for this? Just capture the few images, behind the scenes, few clips that engage your audience and they will wait for your next video.

When you are working on YouTube, of course, you meet different youtubers, take a picture with them and upload them on your Instagram pages. It will force the audience to watch your upcoming videos. They will start to keep in touch with your Instagram and YouTube.

Final Verdicts:

These are not only the way through which you can promote the videos. But if you are a newbie in YouTube and Instagram then these are enough to engage the audience. Don’t forget to share these amazing ways to promote your YouTube videos on Instagram.

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