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There are abundant educational videos on YouTube that anyone can access for information, data and insights related to a vast number of topics. Psychology is one such subject that involves many sub-chapters and studied as part of courses like criminology, social science, forensics, philosophy, zoology, criminal investigation etc.

Students, researchers, scholars, practitioners, doctors and other experts from such backgrounds can browse through various websites for additional knowledge. Yet there are few psychology YouTube channels that impart valuable information about the subject matter and ensure that their viewers can understand everything at ease.

Let us know more about these psychology YouTube channels that add value to studies, researches and feed passionate minds.

Best 6 psychology YouTube channels for all

  1. Brain Craft

The channel is managed by Vanessa Hill, a science enthusiast, journo and video producer. Brain craft is much about what goes on in the mind and imparts knowledge regarding neuroscience and psychology. There are experiments, tricks & tips that one can learn from the videos for application in their daily life.

It is one of the most interesting, authentic and mind-boggling psychology YouTube channels that can spark your interest in the subject for sure.

Do visit this verified YouTube channel to learn some amazing brain games.

  1. Bite-Size Psych

There is a various day to day problems that we deal in our lives but what matters is how we plan to solve them. With amazing tricks to improve bargaining skills, develop thinking abilities and feed the curiosities of the brain, Bite-Size Psych releases videos that impart logical, realistic problem-solving ideas.

These bite-sized tricks are a quick and sure fix to many problems therefore it is listed among some of the finest psychology YouTube channels.

Do check their videos for more insights on experiments and mind tricks.

  1. The Psych Show

What attracted me the most on this channel’s description was the statement that said: “be a better friend, manage stress and make healthier choices”. We are all distressed due to the COVID-19 lockdown and learning some means to make life easier not just for ourselves but also for the people around us is definitely a great deal.

Dr Anil Mattu explains various theories, carries out cool experiments, shares knowledge related to mental health, advice on psychology career choice and much more on this channel. It is one of the most useful psychology YouTube channels that are worth checking out.

  1. Psych2Go

A simple explanation with beautifully created drawing illustrations to explain science around the brain and personality makes this channel a complete package. The videos are about topics like introversion/extroversion, brain manipulations, pop psychology, political psychology, the brain of psychopaths, shocking info on serial killers and more.

The best part is that the channel makes sure the topics are nicely explained with proper facts and easy to grasp concepts. There are brain teasers & quiz session that make it one of the most unique psychology YouTube channels.

  1. Practical Psychology

A channel clearly dedicated to motivating people with practical theories about neuroscience & brain to make a positive impact on them. Practical Psychology provides high grade, informative videos related to financial understanding, motivation, happiness, romance and other psychological matters. The verified channel has 1.85 million subscribers who relate to the informational videos, tips & tricks, important knowledge related to the mind and health.

It is surely a trustworthy channel and one of the convenient psychology YouTube channels for all.

  1. Andy Luttrell

Social psychology is one of the most important subjects in our daily life. Human beings are continuously in action and interactions in life which makes psychology a major part of their life. The channel has a motto that goes like “Be a people expert” which means to know why people do things or act the way they do at situations. It brings in a perspective to the viewer’s mind about what causes reactions and actions in people. This is one of the highly informative, essential and interesting psychology YouTube channels to browse.

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