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As the internet turns older, new technologies with smart apps and convenience enhancing websites pop up every now and then. Social media platforms are a hub to a collection of insights, knowledge, fresh ideas and information. Brands and businesses can utilize these to reach their target audience and expand overall growth.

Businesses can directly connect with their customers on Quora, a platform that allows anyone to ask and answer questions, thereby establishing a one on one communication path with all users.

Building a marketing strategy on Quora must top the priority list of marketers as the site brings in lot of resources and opportunities. The platform is a brilliant source of content creation and curation amongst all other fast growing companies.

While we searched to know more about the smart ways to prepare a blueprint of Quora marketing strategy, the application surprised us as well. Therefore, here are some tips to guide beginners and marketers into Quora marketing and other trending strategies on the site.

Why should marketers develop Quora marketing strategy?

Quora is the place where you can find genuine knowledge-seeking curious readers interested in gathering information on a far-flung list of topics. People who use the social media platform are well-intentioned & concerned users who are real buyers too.

Quora marketing strategy

Marketers can leverage the opportunity by creating and curating content from the resources available on Quora.

Let us discuss few benefits which has a positive impact on businesses and brands that utilize Quora marketing strategy.

  1. Build a direct relationship with potential customers: Brands can develop Quora marketing strategy to approach right customers on the site. Here you can ask and answer to concerned users, individually.  Moreover, the platform not just provides you a lane to connect with consumers but also with other authorities whose networks can benefit the business in many other ways.
  2. Expand the edges of exposure for your brand: With over 200 million monthly users on Quora, brands can get hold over a huge market. The Quora marketing strategy that you plan can include larger online crowd for better traffic on your websites.
  3. Exhibit your knowledge and ideas to consumer market: Quora is a brilliant social media platform to share information with others. You can impart ideas on a huge range of topics with other readers and writers thereby establishing a trusted profile for the brand.    Quora marketing strategy
  4. Get real insights from the industry experts: Quora is a space for people from different walks of life hence has a limitless availability of resources. Quora marketing strategy can be devised based on the information acquired from the site. It is because there is one on one information sharing where insights can be obtained from relevant and real personalities.
  5. Share content and drive traffic: Quora is just the right place to interlink sites and draw traffic. You can insert the link of any blog, website, social media channel in the answers on the site. Practicing this would help enhance the number of visitors on the target page and improve engagement rates.
  6. Respond to customers elaborately: Quora is a stage where you can address your customers directly over their queries. Most importantly the site has no limits on the content that you publish here. Hence, answers can be designed according to your Quora marketing strategy depending on customer demands on the platform.

Quora marketing strategy for beginners

  1. Create a fine profile

After signing up on the site through your other social media accounts or directly, it is important to build a strong profile.

Once you start answering to questions on Quora, a bit of your designation and bio will be seen as a tagline under your name above the answer. Providing proper shortened readable content in that space creates impression over something which goes endlessly long.

Moreover, getting the required visibility and driving traffic unto your profile where they find no information on your brand or you, is a waste.

Quora marketing strategy

The bio on Quora plays a vital role in attracting other users and readers hence ensure that it is 50 characters long. It can have @mentions and clickable links too which can be used to promote the other business pages. You can also add topic specific bio to manage a trust-worthy relation with your followers.

If you are a beginner on the site then a few quick browsing, upvotes and comments can make you look active online. It is always wise to fill up all the details so that your profile is easily searchable and engaging.

  1. Finding relevant topics and following interests

You can search for topics on the Quora search box and gather more information about what people are asking about the industry. It is one smart market research technique where the demand can be studied easily.

The search will provide you automated suggestions relevant to your interests and likes. You can select from the choices and start getting insights and information from them while connecting with the right customers there.

Quora marketing strategy

You can search for particular users to follow, topics and blog posts too. In order to get regular notification and mails you can change the settings to customize the receiving emails.

  1. Share knowledge and interact with top questions

Answering on Quora is a strategic layout which can help gather engagement and visibility on the platform. A good Quora marketing strategy involves choosing questions that have most upvotes and answering them.

You can plan answering by selecting relevant topics to narrow down choices. Answer those questions which you are confident about or have impressive insights on. More the upvotes on an answer, more is its visibility which you can engage with to get maximum networking and support.

  1. Keep answers short and crisp

A to-the-point well written answer works as an effective marketing tool. The content must add value to the readers and should have concrete resources to refer while going through its facts and figures.

Answers that have a personality, an authority in style, is specific and brings out the message well, can be considered as a good one.

You can add links to blogs that consist of an elaborated explanation of your point and other valuable terms to be known.

  1. Create a page on Quora

Anyone can create a Quora page and establish presence over any selected topic. If you want to start a page on the site for your brand, then begin by searching for the name of the brand.

In case you do not find the name, you can select the link to “create topic” under the “add question” box. Here, you can give a name and description to the page and get started with branding.

After the topic gets Live, you can request Quora community to give a review which will help users decide over engaging with the company.

  1. Repurpose content and reconnect answers

Previous blog posts and articles that were published long time back can be reused.

You can simply add the link or use the content of your old posts that are relevant in your recent answers. Thus, re-purposing is a smart way to drive in traffic to those blogs. Most importantly this saves a lot of time, effort and resources.

Quora marketing strategy

Moreover, you can start blogging directly on Quora. All you would need is to go to the profile and select on ‘blogs’. Here, you can add the name, description and URL of the blog and begin writing or re-purposing the older content.

Your Quora marketing strategy must smartly include social media sharing and popularizing the content amidst the relevant communities.

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