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Well, there’s no such thing as In Video programming,(now)!

Yes, as well know that YouTube constantly keeps evolving, this tab was a guest till last year until it got removed in 2014 (it’s kinda difficult to keep track of changes with YouTube, isn’t), well here’s your answer, it now got broken into two categories:

Featured Content:

Featured Content



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First thing’s first, In video Programming was an interactive ‘call to action’ button which you could add to your video/s earlier, as a way to promote your most buzzing videos across your channel/s. You could also choose a logo, avatar or a photo which when clicked could open to a subscribe button, and back link to your YouTube channel.

Now with the changing scenario where more and more people are entering the YouTube ecosystem, it revamped the erstwhile feature i.e. In video programming to give more avenue for creativity to YouTubers.

The featured content tab is an amazing tool to customise your branding on every product you create. For starters, if you have a really cool video on which you have already created a lot of buzzes around, we suggest you feature this particular video in question, as a video thumbnail to all of your other videos. Hence, this exclusive video  will pop up every time someone is watching any other video of your channel. Moreover, you feature your entire playlist as an annotation on your videos/s depending upon your judgement.

This serves you two ways. Firstly, you get to market your branded product on any other video which someone might be watching on your channel. Secondly, it helps to bind seamless traction and engagement between the potential subscriber and your channel. Thus, makes up for the serial viewing.

You can also highlight your video on other channels of yours.

Untitled design (2)

You can also post a URL of another channel of yours to capitalise on your content big time.

You can use this feature on all of your past videos as well which helps the viewer be acquainted with your recent work.

With Branding, you get to further invest yourself with two more features which are:  a) Branding Intro   b) watermark

1. Branding Intro:

You can go all crazy with creativity using animation, sound, photoshop to create a default video title or intro or bio about yourself or introducing the theme of your video/s  for all of your future work or for an exclusive video.  These are short clips which you can add at the beginning of your videos to help promote your channel.

2. Watermark:

It helps in branding your channel logo across all of your videos that too across devices. Hence, by doing so, first –time watchers will directly be able to subscribe your channel when they hover over the logo.


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