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Starting a new business is always difficult. Especially if you’re a creative person and are looking to venture out in a space like YouTube that already has a lot of competition.

I often get queries from artists and creative people who’re looking to make it big on YouTube. They usually have tons of ideas in their heads and loads of energy to do something with their creativity. But they don’t take that final plunge into the vast ocean of YouTube. The reasons can be many:

  • Lack of understanding of the YouTube ecosystem
  • Financial non-feasibility
  • Lack of resources

They just don’t know how to tackle these issues. So, most of them hang up their boots before even trying! While those who are well versed with the world of YouTube and its jargon know what an MCN is; most of these greenhorns are completely unaware of it.  So I decided to write a blog on the topic. I want to make these dreamers understand that it’s not the end of the road and there are still options that can help make their dreams a reality.

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I am aware of all the negative articles that float around the internet thrashing MCNs, but I also know a lot of big YouTubers, who are what they are today, because of MCNs.

So, here’s my take on why new content creators should join an MCN:

10 Reasons to join an MCN

1. Distribution and marketing

Growth on YouTube takes a lot of time and effort. To capture the eyeballs of your potential audience, you need to distribute your content in other social platforms, websites, forums etc. Doing this alone can be a difficult proposition for a YouTuber. That’s where an MCN can help – it can allocate teams that can do it on your behalf.

They can not only help distribute and market the content to a wider audience, they can also help you create a brand of your own.  Personal branding is an absolute must if you want to stand out from a crowd.

2. Cross channel promotions

An MCN will have a lot of channels in its network already. So collaborations with these other YouTubers in the network is a solid way of grabbing more eyeballs. Many MCNs in fact encourage creators in their network to work together.

However, care should be taken that the channel that you collaborate with, has an audience that would be interested in your kind of content.

3. Content strategy

Once you start uploading videos on your channel, it is really important that you keep a close watch on the content that is working and the content that is not. An MCN will have analysts who can advise you on strategies that can help you optimize your video content.

They can give you tips on improving the quality of the content and also help you schedule your video uploads for maximum reach. Many MCNs also employ experts who can give you constant feedback about your videos, along with suggestions to better them.

4. Better production facilities

Another constant pain that YouTubers face is lack of production resources. Most YouTubers usually start creating videos on their own with minimal budget for tools and technology. MCNs can help them use better studio equipment for video creation and use high quality tools for post-production.

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5. Digital rights management

Many consider this to be the most important benefit that a creator gets after joining an MCN. When a YouTuber gets copyright strikes, he/she loses access to important YouTube features and even monetization! And resolving such copyright issues can be difficult and time consuming.

But with an MCN working on resolving such issues in the backend, the YouTuber can focus more on creating content rather than the technical Nitty-gritties of copyright management.

6. Brand integrations and sponsorship

One of the drawbacks of joining an MCN is that you need to share a percentage of your ad revenue with them. However, MCNs can increase the overall adsense earning of your channel by ensuring a higher ad CPM rates on your videos.

They usually do it through sponsorship agreements with brands. This essentially means that your overall earning is more. And therefore, sharing a part of your revenue with the MCN would not be a bad proposition. Many MCNs also employ brand integration experts who scout for brands that can place their products within your content.

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7. More budget

If you’ve got a great idea for your next video but aren’t able to make it a reality because of financial constraints, you can pitch it to the MCN. If the idea is good enough, the MCN will not only fund it, it will also promote it through targeted advertisements and make it reach more people! Afterall; it’s a win-win situation for both you and the MCN.

8. Alternative sources of income

Many MCNs also help creators and artists find alternate sources of income. For example – they can get stand up shows for comedians, live gigs for musicians, acting opportunities in movies and series’ for actors etc.

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9. Access to world-class tools and technology

Most MCNs use tools like Vidooly and give you access to your own channel management dashboard. This can give you a detailed overview of your channel’s performance and help you find out what content is working and what’s not, how your audience is engaging with your content, what programming schedule works the best for you etc.

Many MCNs also provide you access to platforms that offer royalty-free video clippings, sound effects and music that you can use in your videos.

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10. Peace of mind

Finally – peace of mind. I’m pretty sure a lot of people would disagree with me about this, but I’ve personally talked to quite a few YouTubers who will vouch for this. By signing an agreement with the MCN, creators usually get payments on time despite variations in the ad CPM rates and their video programming. For instance – if you fall sick and are not able to create content for a month, you’ll still get your promised payment at the end of it.

(Note: But you have to be careful and ensure that it is mentioned in the partner agreement when you sign up with them.)

Afterall; for artists, peace of mind is what’s really important to unleash their creativity.

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Subrat is the CEO and co-founder at Vidooly. A passionate Entrepreneur by heart, he oversees the product and marketing strategy at Vidooly.

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