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With over 430 million active monthly users worldwide, Reddit is the 6th most popular social media platform in the US. It is surely one of the most regularly visited platforms that supports a diversified audience community that create several opportunities for brands to thrive in the market.

Reddit is the right place for any marketer or brand that is looking towards promoting offers to relevant audiences, understand the demand and accommodate the required changes as per the buyers. To begin with, marketing on Reddit brands must not just focus on the strategy but also pay attention to communicating with the audience and involving in deep relation-building sessions with them.

Reddit marketing strategy

Apart from the usual ways to drive traffic on social media platforms, it is important to connect with the communities on Reddit, know about their interests and preferences and understand the scope available and design the marketing strategy accordingly.

In this blog, we will discuss implementing proper effective Reddit marketing strategy to increase brand value and business engagement.

Why do we need a Reddit marketing strategy?

Despite having a larger number of high spirited active users than most talked of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora and Snapchat, Reddit is barely discussed around us. It has an audience that is almost matching to that of Twitter and it is growing each year but marketers miss out on a lot by not trying their hands on the platform.

A lot of bloggers and social media experts have compiled best tricks to dominate over the Reddit audience pool & reap amazing benefits. Many of these techniques were tried & were found to be successful that indicates a lot of exploration is yet to be made on the social media platform. Comparatively, Reddit marketing strategy might be a lesser discussed topic but it surely provides for significantly profitable results.

Reddit is not a conventional platform that accepts common advertisements, native or organic promotions, rather it encourages brands to build serious customer relationships. Reddit marketing strategy is one that includes authentic content creation to build intense social networks that will transform the virtual clicks into sales numbers.

Reddit marketing strategy

The community-based content aggregator is an open space for brands to get their content seen as well as promote their website. Reddit seems to be a challenging affair due to the demand for original reviews, content and ideas on the platform. Most of the information available here comes from community discussions and social networks build over common interests, experiences and thoughts. The most convincing and engaging posts with good subreddits will rank higher automatically and be seen. Any content that appears to be an advertisement may be downvoted as the communities look for authenticity instead of content with monotonous brand ad tone.

Reddit marketing strategy needs efforts, commitments and consistency in carrying out a certain content publishing to get maximum support and attention of users there for a decided goal yet to be achieved.

Reddit marketing strategy for business engagements

  1. Design an organised calendar

A campaign with a good strategy and well-maintained activity schedule is more likely to become successful. Therefore, firstly, brands need to organise and decide over how much time they can spend on the site without much stress as Reddit requires real networking and community building. Secondly, what kind of campaign do they want to run here and prepare a strategy of publishing the right content here. Lastly, it is also important to plan content as a response to subreddits because repeating comments may result in spamming that can lead to a ban on the account.

Reddit marketing strategy

Reddit marketing strategy should begin with proper planning of objective to achieve, steps that will be taken to accomplish it and certain handy solutions to handle any kind of negative situation. It will not just save time and effort but also make the whole work interesting and worthwhile.

  1. Research ideas

Reddit is a club of genuine users that indulge in intensive network building through sharing of high-quality content with best of the keywords to drive google traffic towards their websites and business. At times, creating real content and keeping up with the dynamically changing trends online can be task due to several reasons but understanding the demand is the key to handling it well.

Analysing and reading Reddit posts and their subreddits can be helpful in finding new content ideas for the brand. Moreover, researching keyword ideas, content style and most engaging community posts can also provide equal benefits.

Reddit marketing strategy

Reddit is a hub of various first-hand experiences, solutions, ideas and philosophy that can change the face of the Reddit marketing strategy for brand campaigns.

Always remember that while using Reddit it is important to avoid repetition of comments, posts, and keywords essentially as they can prevent direct user engagement hence, affecting the factors driving traffic to the source website.

  1. Carry out ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions

As we already know that Reddit is a community based social networking site, it is a place for real people with real stories to share. Brands can leverage this available opportunity to understand the market need in order to either develop new offers/products or improvise existing offers and campaigns accordingly. Organising an ‘Ask me Anything’ session on Reddit can significantly affect the information and resource usage for the brands and marketers.

Reddit marketing strategy

It will not just provide you with an opportunity to indulge in direct conversation with the fans, followers, interested groups etc. but also bring out the real intentions behind the users and what they are attracted towards specifically.

Brands can use all the information in shaping up their Reddit marketing strategy to suit the maximum people on the site.

  1. Utilise the R/Deals on Reddit

Except for unwanted stress and mom’s affection we barely get any deal for free in 2020. Reddit community is attracted towards alluring deals and offers on the site in return of visiting any website, sharing content or doing something beyond the regular activity. R/deals in the subreddit are an amazing medium to make a deal to promote website links, offers etc. to the groups. With R/deals as a part of your Reddit marketing strategy to add customers to the list and drive good traffic to the website, the campaign is sure to make benefits.

Reddit marketing strategy

Whenever a user tries to find something online or is interested in any good deal they check the R/deals subreddit and explore the options available under this page. Marketers can easily leverage the system to attract their attention and push their own offers/products. So don’t forget to use this chance in your favour as everyone loves this part of the platform.

  1. Reddit paid ads

Yes, it is available despite the user community being completely dependent on authentic and serious content. It can be less advanced in comparison to the paid ad provisions on other competitive social media platforms but it definitely works wonder when used properly.

Reddit paid advertising works on the basis of cost-per-click that marketers can use to optimize their campaign accordingly. The Reddit paid ads can be used to optimize content for reach, traffic, video views and conversion. These ads can be customised as per need thereby being one the most cost-effective methods to market online.

Reddit marketing strategy

The brands can either make the ad public for all or chose selective audience for more pinpointed targeting. Marketers must note that video advertising being a boom over the last few years on all social media sites, it works same here too hence utilising this feature for video views is the smartest of all ways to gain the attention of Redditors.

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