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Shruti Sen4 years ago

Did you know you can natively upload videos on Reddit? It’s been a year this feature launched and now Reddit has reported that the native videos garner more than a billion views per month on an average. Ever since the Reddit Video launch, native video posts on Reddit have seen a 38% increase, advertisers now seeing 2.3x higher rate of conversion 3.5x higher engagement.

In the past year, the platform went through a major website overhaul which gradually led to the launch of native video ads to optimize this re-design. The fact that now these native videos on the platform are garnering more than a billion views per month, the platform is looking to get on the radar of marketers who want a bigger reach and better results.

“Reddit’s beta video advertisers are seeing significant increases in key metrics such as brand favorability and purchase intent when compared with non-video ads. In fact, a recent study by Milward Brown indicates that Reddit Video is performing considerably better than industry averages for digital video advertising,” wrote Reddit on its corporate blog.

Reddit has also stated that their video ads view rates are now comparable to Facebook video views. This is not surprising because advertisers have now started to see 2.3 times more conversions with video ads as compared to static ads, with a few campaigns that are earning 3.5 times higher rate of engagement.

Reddit Video Fun Facts:

  • It claims to serve more than 400,000 hours of native videos daily.
  • Since August 2018, mobile video views have doubled up with 70% of these views coming from the Reddit App.
  • Post the redesign, users have now started posting 50% more video content. In August 2018 alone, a million video posts were made – which accounts for 31% year-on-year according to the platform.

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