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The 2016 Republican convention will be live streamed for next four days though YouTube Live, and the special events will be streamed live in the 360-degree video through their App. Usually, the Republican conventions are usually boring, but this one promised to be much more exciting than RNC’s held in previous elections, and it’s mainly due to two reasons, one it’s Donald Trump, and the second; it could be a total disaster.

In this Republican Party Convention, the officials are coming together to unite the party and will try to focus on their primary agendas like jobs, economy, national security, and of course – Making America Great again. All the delegates are going to back the party policies called the platform, which essentially is coming together and unify the Republican party so that they can go forward together for the general election; in November of 2016.

Donald Trump needed a majority of 2472 delegates, and he has that.

Today it’s all about beating Hillary Clinton, whether to build a wall and a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants. These motifs are causing xenophobic disturbances among the citizens of America.

Due to this tension, the New Black Panther will carry firearms for self-defence during demonstrations during Cleveland convention if allowed under Ohio law. Several other groups supporting Trump said they would also carry the weapons in Cleveland, leading to concerns of two rival groups in close proximity.

When Politico reached out 50 prominent Republicans in their response to their attendance in today’s Republican convention, most of them said, they will not attend the conventions, let alone speak there.

Four of the last five presidential nominees are skipping the GOP convention which is going live tonight.
Who is speaking at the Republican Convention?

There is no Clint Eastwood, or former Republican presidents there to support Donald Trump’s convention, but the list is out with quite a few surprises. Here is the list of some famous celebrities, politicians, and war veterans.

Day 1 –

Marcus Luttrell – retired U.S. Navy SEAL and author of the book Lone Survivor
Scott Baio – appeared on the Emmy Award-winning show Arrested Development
Mary Ann Mendoza – Immigration Reform Advocate
Melania Trump – Wife of Donald Trump
Kent Terry and Kelly Terry – The Brian Terry Foundation
Karen Vaughn – Mother of fallen U.S. Navy SEAL

Day 2

Dana White – President, UFC
Governor Asa Hutchison – Governor of Arkansas
Michael B. Mukasey – Former Attorney General
Chris Cox – Executive Director of NRA Institute for Legislative Action
Natalie Gulbis – Golfer
U.S. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan
Tiffany Trump – Daughter of Donald Trump
Governor Chris Christie – Governor of New Jersey
Donald Trump, Jr – Son of Donald Trump
Dr. Ben Carson – Neurosurgeon
Kimberlin Brown – Actor

Day 3 

Laura Ingraham – Radio Host
Eileen Collins – Astronaut (retired)
U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida)
U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas)
Mike Pence – Presumptive candidate for Vice President
Newt Gingrich – Former Speaker of the House
Eric Trump – Executive Vice President of The Trump Organization
Scott Walker – Wisconsin Governor

Day 4

Brock Mealer – Motivational Speaker
Governor Mary Fallin – Governor of Oklahoma
Reince Priebus – RNC Chairman
Peter Thiel – Venture Capitalist
Tom Barrack – CEO of Colony Capital
Ivanka Trump – Daughter of Donald Trump

100 Naked Women Will Welcome Donald Trump to the Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention will last for four days and will be covered extensively on Late night shows, news channels, and journalists. This Republican Convention is one of the most controversial and highly anticipated among of all the conventions held till now.

Using YouTube, you can view all the speeches live from the convention floor. Youtube channels like Right Side Broadcasting, BNC Better News Channel, Port News, Live Stream News, Entertainment News Gaming, Red Ice Radio, Donald Trump Speeches & Events, etc are also broadcasting the convention live.


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