YouTube MarketingHow Rio Olympics fared on YouTube – A Keyword Analysis.

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With more options to tune in the video, people are watching sports content in various platforms. Rio Olympics were broadcasted live on their website, which will follow up Rio Paralympics from September 7th. YouTube generates 8.5 million sports-related videos’s generating about 280 billion viewership. So, before heading to the Paralympics, we analyzed more than 600 videos to find out what was trending on YouTube for the month of August. The reason is simple; Summer Olympics have higher search interest on YouTube than six super bowls straight for past six years, so what were people searching for?

So, here is what Vidooly deduced out of thousands of videos for the Olympic search.

Most viewed video-

  • Gillette: Perfect Isn’t Pretty | Rio 2016 Olympic Games | Sia Unstoppable
  • Samsung Official TVC: ‘The Anthem’ – Rio 2016 Olympic Games
  • P&G Thank You, Mom – Strong | Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Yes, the most viewed videos between Olympics is not from Rio Olympic YouTube channel but are the advertisements run by companies who rode the wave of campaigning in Olympics.

The P&G’s Rio ad campaign also worked wonders as the ad “Thank You, Mom” reached more than 20 million viewers and generated highest engagement rate. These three brand channels have generated about a combined viewership of 86,039,507 million with “Rio 2016 Olympic Games” as their focus keyword.

When it comes to the most liked video, British vloggers got the top spot with 296.03 thousand likes registered for NETTLE OLYMPICS ft. KSI with a total viewership of more than 5 million views and generated more than 30 thousand subscriptions.

The most disliked video that’s associated with the Keyword “Rio Olympics” was titled “What’s inside an Olympic Torch?” in collaboration with Shonduras. Although the video was a hit, it generated a controversy as the torch busted into flame when a protester dumped a bucket of water on the torch. The official trailer of Rio 2016 Olympic Games in BBC’s YouTube channel generated the highest comments (31K) for a YouTube video associated with the keyword Rio Olympics.

We’re The Superhumans | Rio Paralympics 2016 Trailer was the most shared YouTube video with more than 9K shares on social media. Comparing with the summer Olympics, Rio Paralympics 2016 Trailer is now the most shared video with the Rio Olympics as the keyword.

YouTube India – Sports category

YouTube searches for Indian Rio Olympics medal video went on a high when India started winning medals back to back. But, when it comes to sports overall for the month of August,

  • An average Sports YouTube Channel from India added 941 subscribers in the last month.
  • An average Sports YouTube Channel from India added 586 views in the last month.

Indian women have indeed come a long way in the sport, but when we see the YouTube demographics of Male vs Female who watch sports channels on YouTube, there is hardly anyone. According to our analysis, only 5.00% of Female Audience watches Sports channels on YouTube, when  compared to massive 95% of men.


Half of the YouTube traffic in the sports category in India is from mobile with 46.83%. The heavy traffic that comes from smartphones devices confirms the trend commonly associated with the growth of technology.  The desktop is the second most viewed device with 28% viewership whereas tablet generates 19% of total viewership on YouTube India.

We will cover the Paralympic search trends on YouTube for India, but till then, we wish this year’s 19 athletes who will travel Rio to compete on the biggest stage in Paralympic sports in the world. The first event will be held on September 8, with Naresh Sharma competing Men’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions.

Here is the comparison of Rio Olympics YouTube channel and Rip Paralympics YouTube channel. 

Keyword Analysis
How Rio Olympics fared on YouTube – A Keyword Analysis.

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