The Rise of Facebook Video in India

Aravinda Holla5 years ago

Facebook is a playground not only for the 1.5 billion users who use it regularly, but also for over two and a half million advertisers and 50 million small and medium businesses who use it as a marketing platform. And with growing smartphone penetration and improved data connectivity across the globe, it is becoming a serious competitor to YouTube for video viewing. Up until 2014-15, YouTube was the de-facto online video platform that creators, advertisers and brands used to flock upon. But things changed ever since Facebook shifted its focus to online video with aggressive acquisitions and changes in its news feed algorithm.

India has been at the center of its focus throughout the journey. A substantial percentage of the active users on the platform are from India and 90% of them access Facebook through mobile. Majority of the 64 million daily active users (on mobile) in the country do not have access to a laptop or a computer and a lot of them are constantly on the move. A smartphone is their only window to the world of digital video entertainment. Video creators and brands/advertisers have realized this and have been focusing a lot on video marketing on the platform.

The need for increased awareness

Despite all of these developments, there is still a huge awareness gap that needs to be filled. Many creators are still unaware of the reach and recognition that they would get by using Facebook video strategically. That’s exactly why we at Vidooly wanted to come up with a detailed analysis on the performances of the various stakeholders at play here.

We have identified 6 different categories of video content that work well on the platform and have picked the top 10 performers in each of them. The ranking is based on the number of views that their videos have clocked for the month of October. We have also stacked this up against their overall popularity on Facebook depending on the page likes.

The report also has other interesting observations that we arrived at while doing this whole exercise:


Here’s an overview of the observations

1. 10 of the top 20 Pages in terms of number of video views, upload socio-political video content. Collectively, they have clocked over 430 million views just in the month of October! This is a solid indicator of the fact that Facebook plays a vital role in creating political opinions in 10 facebook video india

2. Just like in the US, Food related content is gaining massive traction in India. Hebbar’s Kitchen and ScoopWhoop’s Om nom nom are making a killing on Facebook through & lifestyle india facebook videos

3. Some of the bigger Indian Brands like T Series already have a solid YouTube strategy. However, they are yet to turn their attention towards Facebook when it comes to video.

4. Traditional Entertainment Media Brands have also been utilizing video as a medium to capture the attention of people on Facebook. History TV is a great example for this strategy. They have a massive following on Facebook and their video clocked an impressive 24 million plus views just in October!

entertainment facebook video views india5. There are certain brands/creators that focus exclusively on Facebook as a video platform. People like Gaurav Gera and Ratheesh R Menon do not focus much on YouTube.

6. New age entertainment entities (Like Being Indian, Scoop Whoop, East India Comedy etc) utilize Facebook video strategically. The top 10 new age media brands collectively clocked over 206 million video views just in October!


7. Video length plays a vital role in deciding the success of videos on Facebook. History TV and Logical Indian are good examples to benchmark for the perfect video length. Almost all of their videos have a duration of 50 to 100 seconds.

8. Consistency is also a key factor for video success on Facebook. Times of India which sits at the top of the leader-board is the most consistent video uploader of all. Almost every day, they upload more than 20 videos on their Facebook page.

What to expect

This is the first in a series of statistical reports that we’re planning on Facebook video. We will be launching a comprehensive report at the beginning of next year, covering the whole of 2016. If you have any feedback or suggestions for our next reports, please let us know.

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