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With over 2.3 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the platform where business and brands can easily gather engagement and attention.

Facebook provides the right stage for over 140 million + businesses to connect with their customers and audiences.

Despite multiple options being available for marketers to make their companies visible and competent, they fall short of engagements and real interactions.

run Facebook contest

As the engagement rates fall, marketers try posting more content but miss out on making it more attractive, informative and relevant.

In order to accomplish certain needs like improving brand presence, reaching to maximum users and generating leads out of them, marketers should run Facebook contests.

The content on these contests are good at involving readers and engaging more number of people online.

When on social media platforms like Facebook, one must know how to run Facebook contest effectively to gather more responses, interactions, networking and leads. Moreover, running a Facebook contest is cheaper and involves less effort and yields superior results.

Here we have listed down some useful tips on utilising Facebook to run contests easily.

Tips and Tricks to run Facebook contest

  1. Be clear with desired results

Running a contest on Facebook might seem a fun and time pass task but it is important to map the requirements.

To run Facebook contest, there should be a well-defined outline of what outcomes are required and what is the main intention of the contest.

run Facebook contest

Setting the right goals and working towards achieving it makes it more profitable. Hence, it is wiser to get clear with the objectives as it makes the process smoother and quicker.

You can run Facebook contest to promote a product or service, create razzmatazz around the brand name and also build relations with customers.

  1. Decide over the type of contest

There are several types of contests on Facebook that can be used to gain more engagement on the brand’s page. As a marketer, one must make sure that the contest is relevant and compliments the promotion or cause.

A brand can ask its followers to share the contest, tag friends, caption the picture and perform many other task.

run Facebook contest

There are third party applications which can read and analyse the contest entries. These apps can also pick winners for the brand and provide details received from the contest.

  1. Write clear terms and conditions

It is important to mention the rules of the contest clearly before starting. The terms and conditions should be written in simple words for everyone to understand else that may be lead to unnecessary clutter & confusion.

run Facebook contest

The Facebook contest must announce the age limit, location, demography of participants that can take part to avoid wrong entries. Contests must also inform about the number of entries that will be considered valid to their viewers.

  1. Run Facebook contest that are mobile friendly

With the digital revolution getting faster and better each day, smart phones have replaced many of our traditional gadget & objects. It is therefore very important to create and run Facebook contest that are easy to use on a mobile phone.

run Facebook contest

There is a huge proportion of market that access Facebook on their phones thus the mobile friendly point is important.

  1. Make it shareable

It is better to create Facebook contests that can be easily shared and publicised. This ensures that the contest reaches maximum people and there are lot of entries thus improving the engagement rates and interactions.

run Facebook contest

The Facebook contest should be simple in terms of engagement options because if there are multiple steps to participate, people may lose interest thus resulting in loss of entries.

  1. Use Facebook ads to promote the contest

Sometimes organic reach is not sufficient to create the required buzz around the contest. Therefore, Facebook ads can be utilised to advertise the contest.

The ads would help increase engagement, expand reach and improve visibility too.

  1. Choose relevant and interesting prize

Always make sure you know which market to target and pick an interesting prize for the same. As it is important to make the entrants feel that the contest and prize are worth their participation.

run Facebook contest

If the prize is not relevant to the selected demography and target market, then the audience that engages in the post might not be interested in your product or brand. This miss match would get more loss to the brand instead.

  1. Know the performance statistics

Make sure as a brand you know everything about how the post has performed. The information about how the contest performed in terms of engagement, lead generations, revenue and sales would help in designing more beneficial contest.

Understanding where the contest functioned best would help marketers develop a more appropriate one next time. In total, the stats, information and analytics would assist to run Facebook contest more effectively.

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