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One of the most popular social platforms, Instagram, is amazing for sharing your dear moments and showing off your lives and photography skills. But it doesn’t allow anyone to save or download the photos and videos from within the app. Even your own posts. This helps protect the rights of users. But there’s a hack for everything. Here are a few ways you can save photos & videos that you or others have uploaded to Instagram.

#1 On the Phone

You can save Instagram photos and videos to your device storage via third-party apps. One of the best and most widely used Android apps to download public Instagram photos and videos is InstaSave. The InstaSave app can be downloaded via Google Play. It’s not affiliated to Instagram though. And it will require a login but it’s safe to use all services mentioned in this blog. instasave.JPGgfg

  • Download the InstaSave app on your Android device, and sign in with your Instagram credentials.
  • Once signed-in, the InstaSave app will show the photo stream and will allow images to be selected for download.
  • Users can then choose the photos to download and tap the save button, which appears below the photo with a download icon.
  • On tapping the icon, users will be offered with the location where the photos will be saved on the mobile device.
  • You can then find the photos using the Gallery app on your device.
  • InstaSave also allows you to search for users and tags to find images to save.

-Android users can also use other apps, such as Photo Saver For Instagram, for downloading Instagram photos.

-iOS users can download InstaGrab – a new way to view all your Instagram pics from the App Store, to download Instagram photos & videos to the camera roll on the device. The iOS app functions similarly to the Android apps mentioned above.

#2 On the Computer

Users can also download Instagram photos & videos on their PCs to keep a copy of the shared photos and videos on the desktop, or for work use.

  • Log-in to Instagram separately.
  • Copy a user’s URL, Open the Instaport website in a browser.
  • Paste link and then you can either choose to download all posts or just some selected ones.
  • On selecting the posts to download, Instaport will ask for a location to keep the posts in .zip files.

#3 Save your own posts while posting

One of the easiest ways to keep a copy of your Instagram photos and videos on your mobile is by choosing to save both photos as well as videos on the device while posting available. The feature is available to all users in the app settings.

  • Go to your profile.
  • Tap on Options icon (Settings icon on iOS, hamburger menu on Android).
  • Slide the Save Original Photos setting to on.
  • Once Save Original Photos option is set to on, photos will automatically be saved to your phone’s photo roll every time you post something on Instagram.

save-original-photos-settingsNote: People using Instagram on Android may see a delay in photos appearing in their phone’s Instagram photo album.

We hope this was helpful.


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