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Have you ever wondered what would happen if one day all the planets in the solar system came too close to earth? Or if the dogs behaved like cats? If you love animals, then I am sure you have thought it once that if only my pet could speak. Imagine, if your dog told you how it felt when you are away? How about having multiple moons?

During the lockdown many of us have lost the track of time, all we do is scroll through social media sites and stare of funny animal YouTube videos. We have become the laziest ever and rarely learn anything new to keep our minds running and healthy.

It is no doubt that videos are the most popular and widely accessed form of media that people are referring to nowadays. Moreover, everything becomes interesting with decent videography and right editing skills.

Amidst all such chaos and deafening noise around, it is very difficult to train the mind, explore science and motivate oneself. Few of the Science YouTube channels on the platform are doing marvellous work for their viewers by publishing interactive tutorials for learners and passionate individuals. When these channels are used properly and not watched unmindfully can help people retain a lot of information and gather good knowledge. Some of these channels encourage viewers to actually experiment the cases and find for themselves.

So, here we have documented some science YouTube channels that will teach you many lessons on simple to complex scientific techniques. One can watch, learn, research and note down the important learning from them.

6 Amazing science YouTube channels

  1. Kurzgesagt- In a Nutshell

Science is beautiful. Kurzgesagt team believes in this statement and ensures that all their viewers get the real picture of scientific laws and nature. They have one of the best science YouTube channels that provide animated videos describing and explaining the reality behind the various phenomenon and scientific events. These videos are shorter in duration, have wonderful graphics and are well explained. It is due to such features that the videos are immensely interesting, engaging, entertaining and educating at the same time. They are verified with over 12.9 M subscribers and millions of views on each of their videos.

  1. Vsauce

Wondering about how the earth really moves or what changes occur in the brain due to Alzheimer’s disease? Well, Vsauce is a great channel to learn all about scientific reasons and facts behind certain occurrences around us. The channel has over 16 M subscribers and lots of loyal viewers. It is one of the authentic science YouTube channels where you can watch the videos to feed your brain with valid reasoning & facts besides channelling the curiosity. Vsauce has two other channels managed by other hosts which are equally interesting and entertaining but this channel is the oldest & related to a specific science.

  1. MinutePhysics

Well explained, elaborately illustrated and researched science material can be found on this channel. The theories and facts are neatly digitally drawn, labelled and described for the viewers to learn and understand the concepts. The unknown and less spoken truth about certain scientific events has always caused debates, curiosity and unnecessary accidents which can be organised by learning more about the reality behind them. MinutePhysics explains theories such as shadowing of photons, physics behind caramelized sugar, the shape of the space etc. they have over 5.14 M subscribers and stand as one of the best science YouTube channels.

  1. SciShow

With over 6.39 M subscribers and lots of views on their videos, SciShow aims to explain science theories to most of its audiences in a simple yet entertaining manner. Whether it is about a new-found vaccine, bones in the otter’s heart or colour of the panda, the team covers almost all topics associated with nature and science. If you want to know more about cancer cells, untouched ecosystems, evolutionary sciences etc. then do check the channel as they have got all covered.

  1. Life Noggin

Graphics and science are such a wonderful combination as they make any serious topics easy to understand and engaging enough to not blink an eye till the end. Life Noggin explains certain science events that have either already occurred or may happen. When we think or discuss science there are several permutations & combinations that can take place, hence the field is vast and topics are unending. Life Noggin tries to touch every part of the subject and discover it from all angles ensuring that a very little or none is left behind to examine. The videos are entertaining and fun to learn with therefore it is one of the most interesting science YouTube channels to follow in order to broaden our palette of knowledge.

  1. Veritasium

Science is always surprising and it is as easy as it is explained. Videos at Veritasium are solely focused at informing magical scientific laws, events, processes, phenomena, objects etc. The channel with over 7.44 M subscribers gets millions of views on its videos due to their interesting presentation and explanation. Veritasium is well equipped to solve most of your doubts and queries regarding basic science issues therefore it is one of the best science YouTube channels to follow for all recent science updates.

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