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Right from that being a fan of that quirky sling bag to joining the team of mountaineers who collect plastic wastes on heights, there are multiple leads we come across on Instagram.

With over half a billion regular monthly active users, the social media site is much more than what it initially aimed at becoming. Selling on Instagram is a fundamental part of digital marketing and sales because the platform brings in diverse groups of target market.

selling on Instagram

Instagram has become the base of business and start-ups with its different features to sell. We have recognised several brands and products due to their advertisements, influencer recommendations, collaborations and more.

Scrolling on Instagram brings you across various shopping options, personal experiences of locations, lifestyle, restaurants and more. Brands and businesses have realised the potential of making bigger profits on the platform therefore selling on Instagram is the trend setting in these days. There is a bigger market with high buying capacity which can be aimed at with the multiple word-of-mouth features integrated in Instagram.

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Owning a store on Instagram is probably the smartest move you can play in today’s market because you have followers, customers that can afford and loyal audience. All you have to take care of is to know how to market the products and services besides engaging with the people.

Basic Tricks of Selling on Instagram

#1 Optimize the Instagram business account

As more customers turn towards the application, digital presentation and aesthetics play a vital role in making money online. While you map your road towards selling on Instagram it is important that you do a proper research on what is a Yay! and Nay! over social media platforms. To make sure people are convinced enough make sure the Instagram business account has a decent photo on the display for the customers to easily identify your brand. Using logos and taglines in right size can work here.

Adding a great bio is a must because that is where you can convey your real message to the visitors and customers on Instagram. It should be transparent and fairly easy to understand. The bio can consist of information regarding the brand or business, the product or service that it offers and other essentials.

The bio is the perfect place to include website links, clickables and gateways to desired landing pages. Creating an unique URL for the Instagram can help you track the Instagram click, analytics and metrics regarding the same.

#2 Advertise smartly with Instagram story ads

Those full screen informative ads that pop up while you take a round on your Instagram story timeline are the Instagram story ads. Statistics and analysis from major companies predict that the story ads have the potential to gain maximum growth in comparison to the posts. Story advertisements come with a tag “sponsored” below the brand name and it has a “learn more” or “swipe up” option blinking at the bottom to attract more viewers and buyers. The paid opportunity allows sellers or the brands to advertise selectively thereby making them appear to relevant people only.

Selling on Instagram is easy with the story ads when you create the best content for it. The success depends on the information, design and ease that the ad can provide. the feature allows users to use either photos or videos to gain buyers. Make sure your ad is attention grabbing at the initial stage itself so that the users who tap quickly and shift stay on it and click for engagement.

#3 Instagram-only offers to grab buyer’s attention

You have a new product launch? Got a promotion? A sale to go? Well, Instagram is just the place to promote the same. Write it in the captions, pin it in the comment section, flash it on the stories to gather maximum response and clicks on the link. Selling on Instagram gets more interesting as you start giving out discount codes and coupons through the posts. Make sure you interact with all the users and improve engagement to drive in more loyal customers who would also help in improving the brand credibility.

#4 Instagram Giveaways and contests

Running a contest is not just profitable and efficient but also very interesting. Brands while selling on Instagram through contests and giveaways gain more organic followers, gather engagements, gain customer trust and most importantly gather most user generated content to run their marketing ideas. Through this trick, you can make your customer have the sense of belonging and importance that in turn would make them loyal future customers for your brand. Giveaways are great word of mouth medium where people can tag, share, comment, put on story and engage with the content thus making the brand more viral. Moreover, what can be a better way to increase your follower counts?

#5 Build a shoppable Instagram feed

For brands that are looking to leverage Instagram monetizing options and drive sales through the feed directly, these shoppable links are magic. With the shopping feature integrated into the platform, brands can get a boost for their sales with customers buying from it. The shopping feature allows the brands to tag their products with price that can be purchased directly within the application. With instant purchase options buyers can directly items to the cart and place an order then and there itself. Brands can also create their own customised site with product gallery and adding the link on Instagram. Sellers can also add links in the bio and promote over captions and stories that will then land the users on the customised landing page. It can be a look alike of the Instagram feed where the images are clickable and would take you directly to the product website. You can add multiple websites without changing the URL which would make it more convenient for users to shop.

#6 Partnerships, collaboration and Influencer marketing

People trust real people more than any brand with a logo on their display. Influencer marketing is not a new strategy but definitely a revolutionary begin to evolution in the digital ecosystem. As collaborations, sponsorships and partnerships take over more advertising technology and system, Influencers continue to grow their career exponentially. It is logical and totally understood that consumers would rely upon a personal recommendation rather than any brand endorsement or ad. Brands can utilise the popularity and engagement conditions of influencers to reach their target market and make sure that brands selling on Instagram have fair chances of making more returns. There are various types of influencers such as the Nano influencers, micro-influencers that you can choose as per your marketing strategy.

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