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Many owners of the YouTube channels are always looking for the ways to get more views and subscribers. Here are some cool SEO tips & tricks that can help you rank on the YouTube.

YouTube is one of the most popular channels used for social media marketing. Many companies make use of Cox internet packages to post their new videos on their YouTube channel to get views, likes, subscribers, and customers for their product.

Apart from the companies, different home-based businesses, startups, and some individuals have started their own YouTube pages for their own reasons. Many individuals head towards the YouTube in order to gain knowledge, have full of fun time, known famous topics going on and much more.

One of the biggest challenges YouTube channel owners face is to bring it up in the ranking list. Owners struggle day and night to get tips and apply different techniques to make their channel appear in the first few searches when anyone types a related query.

Here is a shout out to all of the YouTube channel owners. You can make your channel achieve a good place on the ranking list of the YouTube by employing these super easy techniques.



Quality is the number one factor for ranking of anything on the Google or any other search engine. The SEO quality of the content comes on the second number in the matter of YouTube ranking. Your quality of the video you want to post on your channel should be no less than the best.

You should make use of a good quality camera and the person behind the camera should have a good experience of shooting videos. Moreover, decide the theme of the shoot beforehand and make sure that the theme fits well with the aims and objectives of your channel. Like any other marketing site, YouTube content is also checked if it goes well with the theme of the channel or not.



With this point comes the inevitable fact for ranking, keyword research and placement is a massive element for good ranking of any marketing material. Similar is the case for ranking of videos on YouTube. YouTube Keyword Research has a completely different way of researching keywords.

The easiest way of finding the keywords to put along your video is by checking the most recently searched keywords. The first way of doing so is by starting to type the most relevant word related to your post. You would see the mostly searched strings suggested by YouTube. Select the strings that are easy for you to use.


Identify tags that are performing for your videos


Get suggestion for tags which can help increase searchability of your videos


Find out what people are actually searching for and create videos accordingly

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In the second technique, one uses the way the Google search for the videos. Google prefers to search videos with tags starting with How to, tutorials, reviews, video, watch and songs or movies. Such keywords pique the interest of the person to actually click on the video to watch it complete. You can enjoy HD TV and phone services along with good internet connection by buying one of many Cox bundle deals.



The ranking of the video goes up as the number of the views goes up in a limited window of time. If you want more people to watch your video, like and share it, then you need to use social media for it. Make some aliases accounts, share videos from those accounts on different social media platforms and do not forget to like and comment from those accounts on your videos.

Many major brands and companies follow this technique in order to make their videos viral and get more views along with good a rating on the YouTube list. Moreover, you can ask your relatives and friends to share, comment and like the videos as well.



Link Embedding is the feature that makes this technique go by the name YouTube SEO linking. You can drop the links to your videos in the comment section of different ongoing discussions on different social media channels. Moreover, you can even drop the links in the comment section of different other related videos on YouTube.

However, make sure that you give some description of your video before adding the link to the comment. This would help readers to know that you are posting on the topics they would like to know about.

Apart from dropping links in the comment section, you can also do some guest blogging on different websites to embed the link of your videos in the blogs. However, you should specially take care of the fact that the theme of the website from where you send links to your YouTube channel is similar to the theme of your videos.

If the theme of your channel does not go with the websites sending links, the effort goes all in vain. You must have a good internet connection like Cox bundles to upload your videos in HD quality.


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