YouTube SeriesSex Chat with Pappu & Papa Finale Review + Web Series Analysis

First of all, if you don’t know what ‘Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa’ is then read this first:


But if you clicked on this blog, you probably just want to read a critical review regarding the last installment of the YFilms Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa Web Series. So here it is. But, there are some major spoilers ahead. So watch the episode first. (link)

As you might know, this YFilms series focuses on demystifying a different theme around sex in each episode. So they have been saving their best episode on the most sensitive topic of the five for the finale, Homosexuality. It was also longer than the other episodes. Which is good because there were a lot of surprises and special appearances in it.


In case you STILL haven’t watched it and to refresh your memory, Shireen goes into labor while Anand meets an old college friend after ages who’s there to get his gay partner’s fractured foot fixed. As the Watsas wait to welcome the new addition to the family, Daddu has some awkward questions this time for Anand about homosexuality.


    • Comedian Abish Mathew doing some emotional acting. The part where Abish hugs Daddu and says “I wish my Dad was like you.” got me teary eyed too.
    • Dingo & Khanna from Ladies Room are also seen in the episode looking for the, well, ladies room, what else?
    • Pappu will have a partner in crime in the next season. I mean Mummy gave birth to a baby girl Pappi, and the family’s reaction to it is amazing.
    • Love you Papa’ song, in the end, is really beautiful, summarizes the dreams of many people, that is, having a loving and caring friend as your parents.
    • A teaser for the next YFilms web series Darr Volume 2 is revealed at the very end.
    • This episode was more educational than funny.
    • Facts about Homosexuality were educational for both kids, and adults. As there’s a still large population of adults who think having any sexuality other being straight is a mental disease that needs to be cured. The left and right-hand example was very well framed in homosexuality’s context. We can’t help choose who we love.


Which can be ignored because the quality of production and entertainment provided by the series is really good and sets high standards for future Indian web series.

      • Delayed upload. In the description of their videos, they say each episode is supposed to upload Tuesday at 12:30 Sharp. All the other episodes were uploaded as per schedule or around the upload time they say but 1. The Finale was uploaded after 2 weeks, instead of 1. Which is understandable, ‘cause you know it’s the series finale. That wasn’t a problem at all because they TOLD people it’ll be uploaded next Tuesday instead of this one. BUT, they also said, very clearly and repetitively (on Youtube comments and their Facebook page) too, that “Stay Tuned. Tomorrow 12:30pm.” And then they went Live on Facebook with Raghu & Rajiv wherein the end around 1 pm they said it’ll be uploaded any minute now. But they still kept people on YouTube on Facebook waiting till 6PM like this:


  • It’ll mess up your recommended videos/what to watch next, really bad.
  • Yes, kids need to be sex educated but they still can’t watch the series. Yes, sex is a really normal thing. But kids should be taught that it’s an act of love, and by talking about Kamasutra or “Palangtod” sex positions, aren’t we encouraging them to get into sex earlier than they should? Also, what’s with Raghu and Rajiv using language like “screwed up” and stuff in front of that kid?! But that’s okay because he probably hears stuff like this on the sets all the time.
  • Episode 3 sexualised the condom Ad a tab bit more than required. I mean look at the thumbnail, and then those inappropriate sex-noise background sounds. Personally, I really liked that episode, but will I show it to my 10-year-old niece? Probably not.
  • But other than that, the series is brilliant. The family caste is really adorable. People can watch it globally because the subtitles come in 9 languages, and & it soon to be dubbed in 5 Indian languages.

Statistical Analysis

Episode 5-

Views: 139K (approx)
YouTube Engagement: 8K
Total Views of the Series: 3.6M (approx)
Vidooly Rating: 8/10


The pilot was uploaded only a month ago. And obviously, the pilot gets the most views. You see a clear decline of views in the later episodes. So some people stopped watching after the first episode because they weren’t that into it, and others might watch the other episodes later. You can’t say it’s as big of a hit as Bang Baaja Baarat yet. Give this series some months. It WILL get the views like A Man’s World or BBB, because it’s another bold and raunchy web series that millennials are really into these days. The Same goes for Ladies Room.


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