ListsShort Video Format Apps in India – A detailed analysis

ShortVideo is the most consumed type of content that has gained popularity in the last few years. Such videos require the least preparation, tools and technicalities, anyone can shoot a video, edit it, and post on social media platforms instantly. 

After the ban on the most popular, leading and pioneering short video format app, TikTok in India, a boom in similar kinds of social media platforms took place. Right from Instagram introducing reels to Roposo, MX Takatak, Moj, etc. came into existence in the digital world. 

This report (free sample report available) aims to give advertisers/marketers a quick peek into the Short Video Apps landscape in India. 

The rise of short video format apps in India 

Online content has transformed over the years along with the fast paced, technology dependent market. Everyone has at least one account on any social media platform where they choose to share their day to day life, certain events and posts on varied subjects. However, consumption of video content increased with a high demand for short video content formats.

With the dynamically changing cultures, people have got used to the quick lifestyle where everything mostly picked from the market is either ready-to-use or has a shortcut. Amidst such FAD and trends growing popular, the falling attention span of the common man is pretty visible and note-worthy. Given the tl;dr (too long, didn’t read) culture among the youth, anything that is quick on entertainment and information works well with all. Hence, the rise of short video format apps is much more noticeable.

 short video format apps in india

These platforms attract people by giving them the chance to explore their abilities and display their talent to gain public attention as well as fame. As the short video format apps started to capture the huge market left behind by Tiktok, many already known influencers made the transition and joined the other platforms to continue their work. 

These micro-influencers reached people more quickly and had immense power to influence or create impact on society. Here, brands and marketers found the right bait to attract potential customers and promote their branding. Short video format apps in India continue to be one of the most important parts of all marketing strategies. It is convenient, cost-effective and has the ability to produce quick visible effects. 

Brands and marketers can leverage the escalating social media trends on these popular platforms that provide short video format content for their audience. Companies can access the diverse market and communicate more directly with the consumer through these to-be viral posts. It not just gives them the extended reach virtually but also builds the brand image that can be utilized in several other ways. 

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Vidooly’s cross platform Influencer Marketing Solutions

The attention span of viewers is on a decline with each passing day. This has led to short videos being an effective tool for marketers to advertise their product and redirect the traffic to their website for conversions.

“Another major reason for brands loving short videos is the reach when compared to other forms of content. SVF is fast,easy and instant!”

Majority of the content on such platforms are being created by influencers that create content regularly and host a good amount of loyal audience whom they can influence. 

But the challenge here is how to spot the right creator and the platform to have the best results from an influencer marketing campaign? Plus how to track quantifiable results in case of a cross platform campaign involving more than 50 influencers? Many more questions arise in the minds of a marketer as the size of and duration of the campaigns rise. 

short video format apps in india

Putting all this together, we at Vidooly have come up with a data driven Influencer Marketing solution that answers all your questions and provides you with all quantifiable and measurable results that matter to your stakeholders. For more information visit Vidooly’s Influencer Marketing page.

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