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Jeffrey Riley3 years ago

Video is an incredible way to reach large audiences, but when done improperly, it can harm the reputation of your business. What constitutes a “good video”? Hiring a video production company will put you into the hands of a professional. Although you might be able to give your opinion, there is an art in creating video for marketing purposes.

1. Can anyone produce a good video?

With smartphones, cameras, and editing software more accessible than ever before, it is possible for almost anyone to produce a video. It does not mean that the video produced will be good or effective for marketing purposes. 

Although low-quality production is convenient, a video that comes directly from a consumer device will not be at the quality needed to produce good marketing content. Unfortunately, it might do the opposite and make your organization appear unprofessional. 

Hiring a video production company will give you attractive footage. It will give your company the appearance that they know what they are doing and attract higher-quality customers as well. 

2. Lighting

Lighting is one of the greatest challenges when it comes to producing video. Even when using direct sunlight, there are many aspects that affect the outcome of a video. 

Quality video will consist of a well-lit subject, as well as highlighted scenery. Especially in the case of making video with people involved, different lighting angles can create completely unflattering situations. 

Hiring a video producer means you are receiving an expert on lighting. They know exactly what time of the day to shoot, and often even have a studio available for you to shoot in. Studio lights might also be used, and you can guarantee you will not need to think twice about the lighting.

3. Sound

Even in the instance that you have captured a video in good lighting, you will then need to be concerned about the sound. If you choose to attempt to record your marketing videos via a smartphone or other device, although it might seem you captured the sound nicely, once uploading to a computer, you might find otherwise.

Background noise such as wind or white noise can completely distract from the message you are attempting to relay. Video production teams use microphones and sound mufflers to avoid this from occurring.

Sound is one of the most challenging aspects of creating a video. Knowing how to compensate for sounds is something that is known by experts, and something that is easier left to the experts of a video production team.

4. Overall production quality

Video production companies know how to bring together all the important aspects of a video. This includes sound, lighting, contrast with the background, a proper script, and interesting storylines. Although something might seem interesting to you, it might not appeal well to your consumer. Hiring a video production company helps you to avoid all the negative aspects of creating video content while keeping all the positive ones.

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