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For many brands and creators, Reddit is still a less-travelled path. However, as of 2022, Reddit has 52M active users, 1.7B global monthly visitors, and 100K active communities. This proves there is a huge scope to create a strong footprint which will surely pay off in the long run creating recall and even can be translating into sales volume. Let’s dive into the world of Reddit and find out if your brand should be using it. 

The Why Of It…
  • It has been found that as a platform Reddit has more engaged, serious and knowledge-oriented users. Globally, Reddit users spend an average of 15 minutes on the platform. So if your brand is supported by tech, or if you’re a creator who creates knowledge-driven or even long-format content, you can leverage this platform 
  • Since Reddit is divided into subreddits, as a brand you can run hyper-focussed content marketing campaigns
  • Reddit’s research claims that 23% of its users don’t use Facebook, 47% don’t use Instagram, and 69% don’t use TikTok. So this platform gives you unique sets of target audiences  
  • Advertising on Reddit has been proven to be cost-effective, in terms of low cost per click
  • The average age of a Redditor is ~23. People aged between 18 and 29 are the most numerous age group on Reddit (36%). If you are targeting the young Gen-Z, this is the place to be
  • Reddit is one of the most trusted social media platforms with high and professional level content moderation
The How Of It:

A) Organic:

Unlike other social media platforms, Reddit doesn’t organically show your posts to its users. You will need to find ‘subreddits’ that work for your niche to be able to engage with them. There are always ample amounts of ‘subreddits’ available for you. Here are some best practices to ensure good traction:

    1. AMA sessions: You can host Ask Me Anything sessions to engage and gauge people’s interest towards your brand. If you’re an already established brand, these sessions will work better. And if you’re a new business, you can use AMA sessions to educate your audience. If you have influencers/celebrities endorsing your brand, you can use AMA sessions involving them.
    2. Engaging content: There is no replacement for a good content strategy. Engaging, relevant and useful content is evergreen. Reddit users want to learn about different topics from sources they find knowledgeable and trustworthy. Reddit can be a great marketing channel as users tend to recommend brands to their peers and associates.
    3. Create Subreddits: As an experiment, you can try opening a Subreddit community for your brand. This can go very well if you’re an established name. Many brands use this tactic to beta-test or to market research. This can also be great if you want to use a Subreddit for providing customer support. However, you must ensure that you can closely monitor this initiative else it may backfire.

B) Advertising:

With a unique audience to cater to, Reddit is a very lucrative platform for advertisers. Marketers can hyper-target by promoting their content to the focussed subreddits. Marketers and advertisers should sign up for the Reddit Ads Formula certification program to understand and agree to the best practices for using the platform. With Reddit’s Ads Manager, you can easily manage and monitor your campaigns.
Reddit offers the following paid advertising options:

    1. Takeover ads: Through takeover ads, you can place your promotions over specific subreddits, the entire website or some specific categories. Your advertisements may take form of promoted posts, top banners, and can even feature as an ad in Reddit’s “trending” category.
    2. Promoted Posts: Promoted posts on Reddit work more like the traditional advertising we see on all the major social media platforms. They are shown to the audience as posts with ‘promoted’ tags. As an advertiser, Reddit gives you the choice to leave comments on or off.
Targeting Options On Reddit:

Reddit values its audiences and safeguards their privacy- hence, unlike many other social media platforms, advertisers cannot target their audiences through their income or connections but they can choose to promote to their audiences and custom audiences through locations, interests, subreddit, device (mobile vs. desktop), and the time of day etc.

Goal setting for your Reddit Ads:

Reddit allows targetted goal settings and charges the advertisers according to their goal preferences. The ads are also optimized keeping your goals in mind. As an advertiser, your goals may look like this:

  • Traffic
  • Conversions 
  • Brand awareness 
  • App installs
  • Video views
The Dos And Don’ts Of It:

a) Know the platform: Reddit isn’t like the other established social media platforms in many ways. It will be a good idea to explore the platform and its features before delving into elaborate marketing activity. Learn about the audience and speak their language.

Here is a quick crash course on the popular abbreviations used in Reddit:

TIL: “Today I learned”
OP: “Original poster”
AMA: “Ask me anything”
TL;DR: “Too long didn’t read”
ELI5: “Explain it like I’m five” 

Brands must be open, patient and must trust moderators. As these are open groups at times users may have light-hearted fun with the content.

b) Engaging content

Since most Reddit users are young, it’s always a good idea to share original and fun content that will keep them hooked. Using memes, emojis, GIFs etc. to your advantage can greatly influence users’ engagement and affinity towards your content and as a result, towards your brand. 

c) Engaging with TG:

Redditors are already highly engaged and hence it’s a good idea to converse with them regularly. You can easily find your audience under the different Subreddits. If you’re an established name, you may also find that people are already talking about you and you can easily start communicating with them. 

d) Be open:

Reddit encourages open discussions and hence, as a brand or a marketer you should be open to feedback and at times even friendly banters can come your way. Be spontaneous and true to your values and Reddit will work out perfectly for your brand.

With its unique target audiences, and an array of advertising options- Reddit is definitely going to add value to your promotion plan and will surely prove to increase the return on your investment.

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