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Akshay Chandra4 years ago

It all started from this year’s first-in-the-nation Iowa Caucus when Clinton was able to defeat Sanders by the closest margin in the history of the contest. Since then, the US presidential election went through a narrow path where eventually Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump came out to be the elected nominees of their respective political parties.

All this drama from candidates announcing their run for office to the live political conventions is well documented on YouTube. Using this platform, everyone around the world was able to grasp the loss of their favorite politicians and was the medium to convey others perspective to the table.

According to YouTube’s official post, we spent over 20 million hours watching – and rewatching – the presidential debate live streams on YouTube. That’s the equivalent of over 2,288 years of time!

With just one day until the Election Day, here are the YouTube channels that will live stream the electoral process to elect for the most “powerful post in the world”.

NBC News

NBC News
Subscribers – 265,778
Viewership – 110,275,011

Subscribers – 297,265
Viewership – 166,179,476

Subscribers – 1,406,439
Viewership – 499,178,451

Subscribers – 171,693
Viewership – 43,600,858

The Young TurksThe Young Turks
Subscribers – 3,116,548
Viewership – 3,123,297,146

Also, you can join YouTube’s own coverage for the election night where they (YouTube Space NY) partnered with Complex News. In this feature check out your favorite Complex News hosts, celebrity panelists, special performance, up-to-date polling results, and much more.


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