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Video content is a powerful SEO tool. An informative video that has compelling content and entertainment value demand more attention today than an article post. And when you talk about video content, the only name that pops up in mind is YouTube and its phenomenal success over the years.

Going by the records and statistics, YouTube already enjoys a monthly user base of 1.5 million. And the count is increasing per day. Also, YouTube content has a large viewership. Whenever people want a relevant “how to” video content, YouTube is the first name they can count on. Today, videos that are close to 576,000 hours get uploaded on this channel. The number is somewhat surprising, and it keeps on increasing. And this number enhances the growing demand and popularity of YouTube. Also, the figure also gives rise to competition amongst the YouTubers and even companies and start-ups that are eager to post YouTube videos.

Are you mulling over ranks? If yes, then SEO is the initial thought that will pop up in your mind. And similar to Google, even YouTube requires optimization. Are you planning to have a YouTube channel for your company? Do you expect to add YouTube videos to your travel or food blog? If yes, then you need to know how to be able to use the best SEO tips to leverage YouTube in your favor. And if you want to reach out to a professional service provider, you can check out new SEO services York and others, to arrive at the best situation.

Here are some of the tried and tested tactics that will work to your advantage:

You need to decide on the video title smartly

The video title is the catch line that will grab user attention. Hence, you need to consider several aspects when you are planning to write the YouTube video title:

  • Is the title catchy and engaging?
  • How many essential keywords are you using in your video title?
  • Are you aware of the part of the title that is visible instantly the moment people search for your YouTube video?

Assessing all these aspects will help you aptly decide on the video title.

Ensure that your video descriptions are long

Channel and video descriptions are an essential source that attracts web traffic to every content that you have! In YouTube, you can have as much as 5,000 characters that range anything between 500 and 700 words. The thumb rule is, however, the same as your web content. All your content needs to be original, and you need to place it right beneath your video. It makes it simpler for your search engine to know and scan about the video description. That’s how Google understands which search inquiry to rank it for.

Not all your video descriptions should be very long and detailed. However, when you aim a count between 2,000 and 3,000 characters for every video, you are surely taking a smart call. But to make your posts lengthy, don’t fill your article posts with verbose and pointless matter that will not add value to the users.

Concentrate on the first 150 characters of the video description

The very first 150 characters in of the description matter most. The reason being YouTube cuts off the rest with an implied (more) tag after 150 characters. Hence, the user needs to opt-in to be able to read the remaining section. Not every user will do that. Therefore, you need to count on the first 150 characters and ensure that it provides the majority of the material. Right from there you can concentrate on all the keywords that you deem fit.

Furthermore, the video description is also an apt place to link with several other channels. Also, you need to ensure that your CTA (Call to action) remains in the first few words, for instance, learn more, subscribe and like and many more.

You need to decide smartly on the video length

The moment you know your video theme, you will have to move on to film the same. Go ahead and shoot only HD videos. Also, you should check for bright lightening and focus. Your video length will also determine the involvement that your audience will have with it. As a rule, you shouldn’t make any short videos. Usually, YouTube is fond of detailed and lengthy video content. Ace researchers and social media experts after evaluating as many as 1.3 billion videos so far have revealed that the videos that appear on the first page of YouTube, on their search query approximately are of 15 minutes. The length even exceeds some other videos as well. So, when you decide on the video length, make sure that you are adding value and using the time to explain your concepts better. It will boost the audience engagement.

Selecting a video topic

It’s one of the best steps regarding YouTube video optimization. Are you wondering why? It’s because if you aren’t aware of the key-phrase that you need to target, you won’t be able to prepare any content in and around it. Selecting a key-phrase refers to deciding on a topic or a theme the video talks about most. Ensure that you that you don’t divert from your chosen subject. Furthermore, focus on one subject at a time.

Also, in this regard, you need to focus on the long-tail keyword as well. Advanced tools like Mondovo Keyword Research Tool or the KWFinder are the best ones to use to locate the long-tail keywords. You need to arrange your keywords depending on your search volume. Also, take note of all your observations and manage the same for later.

Once you have created your YouTube content, it’s a smart call to keep sharing it on all social media platforms. You can go all out and share the same in your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Make sure that you use your social media accounts to update your followers about the videos that you will post in future. Following these smart, simple and useful guidelines you can manage your YouTube SEO effectively.

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