ListsHow to create Snap Ads through Snapchat Ads Manager?

Snapchat has constantly upgraded itself to suit the dynamic market and business demands retaining its powers as a leading multimedia instant messaging social media platform. With additional features and facilities snapchat users can advertise their offers with ease and reach the potential customers on the site.

Users can design snap ads using the various self-serve tools that will not just create them but also widen the scope to experiment with short video ads. The snapchat ad manager is a versatile base to begin working on snapchat ads.

What are snap ads through snapchat ads manager?

By simplifying snap ads through snapchat ads manager, marketers can accomplish their objectives with ease. These are basically vertical full-screen video ads lasting up to 10 seconds on the screen. It has a swipe up feature that can be used anytime on the ad to know more about the brand or ad.

When swiped up it can land users on the web page, show the full video, provide access to the complete article, or help install the app directly. Snap ads appear between curated content posts as the brand’s story or Snapchat’s story and other users’ stories.

The snap ads through snapchat ads manager are mostly popular among the young generation aged between 18 to 24 who frequent the site for networking on it. These snap ads have a time limit of up to 3 minutes but the most effective ones range between 3 to 5 seconds only. This addresses the short attention span of the audiences and users on the platform.

How to create snap ads through snapchat ads manager?

Snapchat ads manager is almost similar to the Facebook ads manager yet it has just a few other specifications that are helpful in creating snap ads for its audiences. The dashboard has various options out of which a few key features are significant. They are:

  1. Dashboard: This is used to create the snap ads as a whole, view their end product and manage the post accordingly.
  2. Creative library: It allows publishers to edit the ads, view ad creatives, etc.
  3. Custom audience: it is one of the most important segments where publishers can define their audience and target them specifically thereby, making it impactful as well as cost-effective.

There is a help option that users can use to know more about the other advertising facilities available on snapchat ads manager.

Now, users need to log in to the snapchat business page and open the snapchat ads manager the prepare according to the structure of making digital ads. It goes by defining the ad campaign followed by developing ad sets and finally creating the snap ads.

Publishers can click on the snap ad pop up prompter if it is the first time for advertising on snapchat or they can also click on the +New campaign option to get started.

  1. Set objective for the campaign

It is the most important and driving factor for the whole cause because without any proper agenda and idea on result one can’t develop relevant content. Set goals for the campaign that can be to drive traffic to the website, get the app installed, expand the reach and get more views on the video. After determining what output is expected out of the campaign make sure to schedule it accordingly by setting the start and end dates. The campaigns can be either started instantly and run till required or scheduled well. The campaign needs to have a proper name to simplify the further processes.

  1. Define the audience, budget, goals and schedule

In order to set up a good snap ad through snapchat ads manager publishers need to specify the audience they customise to show the ad to. They need to submit details in 5 sections namely:

  • Geography
  • Demography
  • Audiences (Look Alike Etc.)
  • Placements
  • Devices

Even though setting up just the geography can get the user started yet defining all of it make the targeting more specific thereby yielding better results.

The budget and goal section allows outlining the allocated budget, goals and bid amounts for the advertisement.

Scheduling the campaign in the first step is different from scheduling the ad sets here. While running multiple ad sets under each ad campaign, scheduling can make it more effective as the ad sets may have a shorter visibility span over the ad campaigns scheduled earlier.

  1. Set the ad type and ad creative

There are 4 types of settings for the snap ads through snapchat ads manager and they are:

  • Top snap only: it is the 10-second video ad without any link/ attachment hence no swipe up CTA
  • Web view: this type is to add traffic to the website and encourage actions like, read an article, making a purchase, etc.
  • App installs: as the name suggests. it is meant to drive traffic to the google play store or apple store for application installs.
  • Long-form video: it is the type of ad that can be run as a trailer lasting up to 10 minutes.

4. Uploading the creative

After completing all the above steps, the publisher needs to upload the creative of the ad, enter the brand name to appear on top left of the ad followed by the headline appearing below it and the CTA to appear at the bottom. The final step includes filling up the details and uploading the attachment.

After completing all steps, publishers can use the snapchat ads manager to optimise, analyse and make notes of the performance while being able to make changes to it as and when required.

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