ListsSnapchat Influencer Marketing: How Brands can leverage Snapchat Influencers

Snapchat’s remarkable evolution over time not just attracted more stable users but also grabbed the notice of content creators, brands and marketers. Social media is a widely spread medium to reach most audiences and Snapchat has its own spark when it comes to targeting a specific user base.

The messaging application with a distinct disappearing content facility assists its users in sharing their in-the-moment photos & videos with selected audiences of their own that makes it appear updated & recent. While most of the other popular social media platforms have the provision to maintain a record of the content posted or shared, Snapchat is different and is more into the content from the present hour of the day.

Moreover, users need to enter the handle name or scan QR codes to access the content posted by the particular account. This gives marketers a chance to come in touch with a very active user base that is loyal, interested and committed towards the content creator, influencer in charge of the particular page.

Snapchat Influencer marketing can be considered as the ace of the social media marketing campaigns because of its high rates of conversion, genuine interaction and provision for a two-way content engagement.

Snapchat influencer marketing

With an average millennial active user on Snapchat using the platform for a good 25 to 30 minutes per day and 60% of daily active users contributing content to the platform it’s indeed one of the most reliable places to market a product/service.

The statistics on Snapchat influencer marketing clearly pours in insights that indicate the platform to be one of the most engaging, effective, original place to connect with the desired networks and audiences.

influencer marketing

Basic ways to leverage Snapchat influencer marketing

  1. Find the right Influencer

Basically, the criteria are something beyond the follower count. It requires a high relatability factor that includes the alignment of missions, values, style, and audience between the brand and the Snapchat influencer. Not every influencer with over a million followers ensures a great engagement rate or conversion of audiences. Instead of signing deals with the most followed influencers, it is wise to understand the audience sentiments of the right influencer who can have a possible link to the brand’s image.

It is important to note that a brand that sells travel packages will get more benefit from a travel influencer in comparison to a food influencer.

Snapchat influencer marketing

Hence, marketers need to study the interaction pattern of their target audience, do social media listening, examine the interests of their audience and the influencer accounts that they follow or connect. Now, it is also vital to study the style of the influencer and match the required qualities with the brand offerings in order to establish the right connection and cover the appropriate user base with the Snapchat influencer marketing.

  1. Be open to ideas and do not control creativity

While getting started with Snapchat influencer marketing, brands must remember that it is a collaboration and not a one-way content creation & projection contract. These amazing influencers have built fame with their content and know the audience more closely hence, controlling a major part of the content or coming with a pre-decided agenda can slow the effects or even reverse the expected results. Snapchat influencers know the way things work with their audience therefore, it is better to stay open to decide and plan the idea in a collaborative manner instead of dictating the brand’s expectations. The approach towards the influencers must always be humble, transparent and easy so that the relation stays longer and reaps the best benefits.

  1. Consider Cross-platform marketing

As Snapchat influencer marketing helps brands reach their target audiences through micro-influencers there is a greater chance of building trust and relationship. The complete campaign can be further extended to other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter through simple cross-platform strategies and campaigns. Due to the system of transient content on Snapchat, there is a chance that audiences miss out on the important ones. Hence, by using the recent feature “memories” where influencers can save the post for other use like sharing on the other applications for more reach.

Snapchat influencer marketing

This not just expands the audience base but also widens the scope to grab the attention of the responding users that will add to the engagement rates across platforms. it is a win-win situation for the brand as well as the influencer as they gain new target markets, capture the right audiences, build a sense of trust and appear more authentic to the people online.

  1. Snapchat Takeover- The masterstroke

There are several successful brands that resorted to sharing their account credentials with top celebrities to execute a good Snapchat influencer marketing plan. Even though the idea is not new for us, a Snapchat takeover is basically allowing the influencer to take over the Brand’s account for a period of time and engage with the audience by creating their style of content.

Snapchat influencer marketing

Here the influencer drives their own fan, followers, audiences to the Brand’s handle and lets the message reach them all. it gathers more connection for the brands and establishes the identity on the social media platform. A great plan accompanied by an organised strategy can prove to be a miracle for Snapchat influencer marketing.

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