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Since its inception in 2011, Snapchat has been setting new milestones. Today it’s one of the most used apps in the world with 306+ million Daily Active Snapchat users (Snapchat, 2021). Marking an increase of 51 million, or 22%, year-over-year. 

As of July 2021, India had the biggest Snapchat user base in the world, with an audience of 115.95 million users closely followed by The United States with a Snapchat audience base of 106 million users (Statista, 2021). Largest age group that inhibits the Snapchat universe is between 13 to 34 years (comprising almost 75% of the total user population). 57.4% of all Snapchat users are female and 40.9% are male (Statista, 2021). 

With so much to offer, it’s a no brainer that brands try to leverage this platform to create brand awareness that defines purchasing decisions.  Let’s look at how to build a successful snapchat marketing strategy for your business:

1. Let people know you’re in Snapchat:

The first and foremost goal should be to let your audience know that you’re on Snapchat. Creating and sharing your Snapcodes is a useful tool by which you can popularize your Snapchat handle. Place your Snapcode in your promotional materials (digital and non-digital). Snapcodes act like a QR code which basically takes a user to your Snapchat handle. Look at how Teen Vogue used their Snapcode even in their website so that their audience can easily land up on their Snapchat handle. 

snapcode teen vogue - snapchat marketing strategy

2. Varied and exclusive content:

As marketers we are too used to the traditional ways of creating and uploading content- just as we do on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Snapchat might be a little different in nature as the landing screen is always the camera screen. Which basically means in Snapchat you must look at creating in-the-moment content, rather than repurposing the content that is already lying on your phone’s gallery. Your content must be engaging and have to the point of a call to action. Remember that the users here are dynamic and young with a very limited attention span so use of pop colours, bold fonts, quirky and interactive designs can take your brand’s Snapchat handle to the next level.

3. Real experiences:

As mentioned above, Snapchat as a platform likes to keep it real for its users. So it will be ideal to show the ‘real brand’ and what it stands for here. Moments of event backstage, office tours etc. will prove to yield better engagement. Here’s how General Electric has used its Snapchat handle to celebrate the contribution of its women employees.
GE behind the scenes snapchat - snapchat marketing strategy

4. Geofilter:

Snapchat offers a lot of exciting tools and filters are one of them. Amongst all the filters, branded geofilter would be a marketer’s best friend which is also an economical option. Collaborate with branded events, create your own personalized Geofilters for your office or use a time-limited geofilter for your organisational events…here your opportunities are endless. Brands like Zomato have successfully used this feature to popularize their brand near their most visited restaurants.
You can read more about how to use Geofilters here:

5. Snapchat stories with website link (National Geo):

Snapchat also offers you options to create interactive stories. These are time limited so the primary objective would be to grab the attention of your viewers from the word go. Lots of brands use Snapchat stories to keep the users engaged, entertained and updated with their content. Check out how National Geographic developed their story post where they engaged their audience and further guided them to their website. This can be a useful tool if you’re looking to increase your website traffic or to direct your TG to a specific page. 

national geo snap chat - snapchat marketing strategy

6. Creating AR lenses:

Another very popular and cost-effective marketing tool for Snapchat can be creation of AR lenses. These are fun, quirky and can increase the engagement rate of your page in no time. Brands like Pepsi, Doritos have been using this feature quite extensively. Even the popular series Walking Dead, while promoting their midseason premiere has taken help of 3D dynamic AR lenses.

You can very easily put a lens code in your product or website from where people can visit your Snapchat lens profile and use the lens filter. When someone uses this, it will be visible to his Snapchat network and other people can also use the same. This is the reason AR filters, if done right, have a high probability of going viral.

dorritos pepsi - snapchat marketing strategy

7. Snapchat cameo:

Another awesome feature Snapchat offers is Snapchat cameo. It lets users place their faces onto various graphics and videos. Fun, light-hearted and full of quirks, a marketer can surely use this tool to showcase the creative and amusing side of the brands which becomes engaging and often even relatable to your young prospects.

8. Snaps in 3D (for product showcasing):

Snapchat lets you upload your snaps in 3D. Which basically adds depth and dimension to your content and lets the user have a more experiential feel by capturing spatial details that change according to the viewer’s perspective. You can add effects to make them more interactive and attractive. This feature is particularly helpful if you’re trying to showcase a product to your audience.

9. Other innovations: 

  • When you appear in your audience’s feed, Snapchat lets you add a Chat button which comes handy when you want them to directly reach out to your brand. Since the millennials and Gen X are the top users, chances of impulse buying is also quite high on this platform. 
  • You can even use your brand as the wardrobe partner in the Avatar section. Brands like Crocs, Nickelodeon, Nike etc. have been using this innovation successfully.  
  • Snapchat offers an array of games that a brand can either collaborate with or create for their subscribers. These games are often AR based which keeps the young users hooked to your Snapchat handle and engage deeply.

10. Ads in snapchat:

Marketers also invest in Snapchat advertisements to reach their desired audience. Snapchat lets you select your audience in terms of their interests, demography, geography etc. There are various options an advertiser can choose from. Here are some of them:

a) Snap ads: these can be image or video ads which generally have swipe up call to action buttons. Users can directly reach the right content; app install page or products.

b) Collection ads: These ads display multiple collections of products and generally appear in between stories. When a user taps on any product they can see details of the same. Swipe up CTA buttons are placed to further guide the users to take the desired action.

c) Commercials: As the name suggests these are traditional non-skippable video snap ads. These are similar to snap ads but usually shorter and non-skippable in nature.

d) Story ads: Story ads come up in the ‘Discover’ section and open into snap ads with a collection of images and texts.

Snapchat is gaining its importance by the day as it is increasing its young user base globally. It’s no wonder brands are trying more and more to be relevant on this platform. If you want to succeed in your Snapchat marketing, understanding your audience and their needs will be the first step and then the strategies discussed above can come handy while preparing the snapchat marketing plan for your business. 

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