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With over more than half of the US internet users aged between 15 to 25 were recorded to be using Snapchat in the first quarter of 2020. The social media messaging application is one of the most widely installed & regularly browsed platforms that allows people to share image & video content that disappears after a temporary period of time.

There are over 229 million daily active Snapchat users who contribute towards creating around 210 million snaps every single day. Therefore, it stands at second place in terms of overall mobile usage. As the app grows exponentially trouncing other social media apps based on the number of downloads, usage and popularity, it is clearly noticeable that the majority of its users are the millennials and younger mass.

Snapchat has become the go-to platform for brands and organisation that are targeting the younger generation or are looking for an appropriate ads placement stage to grab the attention of the most engaging young population.

Snapchat Takeover

Brands can leverage all the available features of Snapchat so as to achieve their targets, reach right audiences and attain great revenue conversions online. We are now aware of the different amazing ways to use Snapchat for businesses but here the discussion is about one such particular technique that is known as Snapchat Takeover.

What is a Snapchat takeover?

The method is as simple and self-explanatory as the name itself suggests. It is basically handing over the brand’s Snapchat user id to influencers or concerned celebrities for a fixed time period, like a day or few hours depending on specific requirements. They will, in turn, use the brand id to post their own content that can either be more of collaboration or just some genuine self-made content to engage the audiences.

Snapchat Takeovers are specifically used to expand the audience to reach or improve engagement conditions on social media. These are crossovers that benefit all the parties involved in the main campaign starting from the brand to the influencer promoting it.

Influencers directly takeover the brand channel on the platform and promote a mutually decided common goal that reaps amazing benefits for the audiences on both sides.

These Snapchat takeovers can be customised as per requirement and factors like picking relevant campaign promotor, content to be pushed on the profile, media type to be shared, mode of a takeover can be changed according to the marketers strategizing it.

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Stepwise Planning of Snapchat Takeover

  1. Realize the object

Setting a goal and determining the essentials on the route to achieving it is very crucial when it comes to social media marketing. Snapchat takeover is a terrific social media marketing task that is specific in nature and helps achieve the set target with ease comparatively.

In order to begin a Snapchat takeover, make sure that the brand, influencer, team working on the project are completely acquainted with the aim of the marketing campaign.

This is the initial step, to begin with, and execute the other steps without unnecessary misunderstanding thereby preventing silly errors during the complete process. The aim can be to increase engagement rates, boost the follower number, promote a niche product/service, target a very concentrated & unique set of audience, expand reach or simply to build a brand image.

  1. Do the right networking

Contacting the right and relevant influencer to promote the brand is very important because there is a reason why cricketers endorse energy boosters on television.

Now if your business deals in fashion and fabrics, hiring or partnering with a professional chef with a popular social media handle is a waste of efforts. The total aim of this step is to find out people who are connected to your brand offerings in some or the other way. This also confirms to keep the right audience hooked to the Snapchat takeover.

Make sure to network and build a relationship with people relevant to your business so that the whole matter of cost, time, efforts, and the plan is reduced to obtain optimum results.

Snapchat Takeover

  1. Convey your expectations clearly

As you begin a Snapchat takeover ensure that the influencer and team are well aware of the brand’s interests and needs. Be specific about wanting the brand’s Snapchat profile to avoid certain trends & topics like religion and politics, require the influencer to post at certain timings, or the tool to be used during the promotion.

Snapchat Takeover

This will clear any prevailing doubts and encourage the influencer and team to work effectively.

  1. Discuss ideas and brainstorm on the matter

Every campaign needs a good content, relevant promotion style and effective execution plan to achieve the set targets. It is very important for brands to brainstorm new ideas to complete the content making strategy besides exploring the realms of marketing online.

Deciding the type of content to be posted, its overall frame, technique and presentation is the key to all benefits. Try experimenting or test the water before launching any innovative marketing plan.

Do brainstorm all sort of marketing techniques and relevant content to mix them for a hybrid plan or a fresh market strategy.

Snapchat Takeover

  1. Hand over the credentials carefully

To get started with Snapchat takeover carefully give all necessary information to the influencer to be in charge of the account. Right from changing password into temporary setups to arranging for the content type. Organise for the Snapchat takeover for easy handling and be careful about the brand account safety online. If a campaign runs for more days than customise passwords regularly to avoid any kind of cybercrime or hack.

  1. Promote the Snapchat takeover

Announce the dates, best influencer features/achievements, type of takeover etc. to let your audiences be aware of the event. This will remind them to watch the space for more of the promotion and brand. This pre-announcement is similar to that of the Facebook live sessions and Instagram lives streaming where people will watch the content when they know about it.

Snapchat Takeover

Here is the step that is completely about word of mouth to let everyone know about it so as to have a good strength of viewers at that point in time.

Significance of Snapchat takeover

A well planned Snapchat takeover can help brands double their audience and promote any pre-determined goal. It is a win-win technique where the brand attracts the followers of the influencer and vice versa as each of them come to the Snapchat takeover with their set of audiences.

Snapchat Takeover

Moreover, a Snapchat takeover is appropriate when a brand or company is in need to reach a very well defined and specific audience like a particular community, women at a college, team of soccer players etc. hence, bonding and partnering with an influencer from the related place or club increases the chances of grabbing the attention of the particular demography and begin interactions.

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