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The Snapchat Vs Instagram battle is becoming intense with each day as marketers make their way towards the best campaigns on social media platforms.

Both the applications seem to be the right one for marketers and their brands to reach the right audience with appropriate content. Facts indicate a distinct line between marketing on either of these two platforms. They offer varied features and focus on different target groups that one can consider as a main parameter to pick the right app.

Snapchat Vs Instagram

It is essential for marketers to know what works best for their marketing campaign when discussing over Snapchat Vs Instagram. There is a list of points on their offers, features, provisions that we can consider to analyse if the effort is worth it or not.

As we learn more on Snapchat Vs Instagram we must understand what both the applications have in store to help us market our campaign better in the related industry.

Let us uncover some facts and figures about Snapchat Vs Instagram to decide better about what works best for us.

Compulsory QA before selecting the platform

There are several social media platforms that brands and businesses can consider for promoting their services and products but selecting them depends on many factors.

Snapchat Vs Instagram
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Different industry, business and brand have different requirements to promote and market themselves. There are separate target markets, demography, audience interest and more which differ for all the brands. Therefore, it is useful to decide what is needed by the business to make the promotions successful on the correct platform.

  1. Who is your target audience? Are they on Snapchat or Instagram?


  1. What kind of profile do you need for your business? A public account to be easily discoverable or a private one that builds stronger one on one loyal customer base?


  1. What kind of content (stories, posts, videos etc.) attracts your audience or customer?


  1. Where is your audience? Which platform keeps them more engaged?


  1. Does your brand require running ads or boosting existing posts on any platform?


  1. Do you require metrics and analytics to measure the performance?

Comparison between Snapchat Vs Instagram for brands

#1 Daily active users and base

When we pit two of the most popular picture sharing social media platforms i.e. Snapchat Vs Instagram, the number of users declares Instagram the clear winner. While there are over 500 million daily active users on Instagram, Snapchat has approximately 200 million active users daily. Moreover, comparing the snap posts with the Instagram stories which have taken over most of the market, Snapchat posts are way behind the Instagram stories which normally receive over 250 million views on the story walls.

The graphical representation here shows the downfall of snapchat post Instagram story popularity. It is supported by many research institutes and market survey organisations.

Snapchat Vs Instagram

#2 User demographics over Snapchat Vs Instagram

The pew research centre made studies and carried out surveys on demography of American users on popular social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. It clearly mentions that Instagram is the more popular application among the American users who are mostly from the age group of 18 to 29.

It also found out that Instagram is more popular with the women than its male counterpart when Snapchat had a younger consumer base. The Snapchat was dominantly used by youngsters belonging to the age group of 18 to 24 years. This is indicative of the fact that businesses with serious concerns and catering to a much professional and moderately informal consumer base must consider Instagram over Snapchat for their campaigns and promotions

#3 Brand visibility and awareness

Both the platforms are equally entertaining but considering the features they possess, Instagram is a platform which offers both private and public account settings using which brands can segregate their preferences. On Instagram, businesses are prone to more easy discovery due to the public account feature with which anyone can see your followers and interests openly.

Snapchat Vs Instagram

The Instagram algorithm suggests profiles like Facebook and shows relevant posts along with trending hashtags on the same subject. On the other hand, Snapchat posts and snaps stay for just 24 hours. People whom you have added as friends can only view your content on your profile.

Instagram posts have the feature of showing likes, comments and views publicly unless restricted along with direct messages that can be personally read by the user. Snapchat does not have such features like Instagram but replies and comments can be read by the user only. This somewhere restricts the option for public engagement and interaction with consumer bases.

#4 User generated content for marketing

On Instagram users can use hashtags, mentions to make references and provide details about the source of content. This not just helps people discover your account easily but also increase your followers and engagement rates. User generated content can be a great material for social media marketing. This technique is a common Instagram marketing strategy to increase customer reach and maximize engagement on posts and ads.

Snapchat Vs Instagram

While on Snapchat, stories and snaps with mentions of your brand can only be visible to friends of the users who posted it. It is limiting and barely benefits any marketers.

#5 Data insights and analytics

It is very important for marketers to analyse and study the social media performances of their brands to design better campaigns. Instagram has an inbuilt analytics tool that measures the posts, stories, ads, followers and engagement for users. Instagram insights is that in-app feature which enables marketers to understand what works with their Instagram audience. Moreover, there are several free analytics application and tools which serve the purpose effectively.

Snapchat Vs Instagram

Snapchat on the other hand has no analytics and data tools to study the content on it. Most of the analytics and study done on Snapchat is carried out manually by the marketers as third party tools are mostly expensive. This makes Snapchat highly limited for marketers when Instagram is taken into consideration therefore, refer to the picture above to know what is more happening this 2020.

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