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David Webb3 years ago

With over 2 billion monthly active users as of last year, Facebook is flooded with countless brands vying for the attention of their followers. As such, the competition is fierce, to say the least, and brands need to find new ways of effectively interacting with their user base. For this reason, they turn to brand building strategies that will help them stand out from the crowd and expand their loyal fan base as a result. If you’re interested in learning more about these social media brand building strategies, just take a look down below:

Harness the power of video content

If you haven’t been living under a rock over the past few years, you probably know just how powerful video content is right now. Especially so on Facebook, where over 500 million people watch video content on a daily basis. What’s more, videos posted on Facebook have a much wider reach than videos uploaded to the number one video platform on the internet, YouTube.

This is also supported by the fact that the view count on branded videos has increased by an amazing 258% last year on Facebook, while on YouTube, the same has increased by 99%. So, now’s a good time as any to start making video content. Next, from a more technical aspect, 85% of people watch Facebook videos muted, which means the content should focus more on the visuals than the audio to engage its audience.

Additionally, the most optimal length of a Facebook video is just under two minutes, as anything above that results in significant drops in viewer count if it’s not extremely engaging. If you have difficulties developing a video marketing strategy, you should consult with a professional and use a video intelligence analytics software to get a more detailed analysis of your content performance.

Keep interacting with your followers

One of the ways to ensure that your brand stays relevant on Facebook is to constantly interact with your user base. This way, not only are you spreading the word about how amazing your brand is, but you’re also working on building a stronger and more loyal fan base.

For example, in 2014, Coca-Cola hosted a contest for its followers on Facebook with a 100$ gift card prize. However, this was no ordinary contest, as people had to film themselves playing hilarious games such as “bottle cap hockey” and “Coke curling”. To no great surprise, the contest received a lot of attention worldwide and fans were posting videos left, right, and center – thus effectively promoting the soft drink giant on their own accord.

Apart from contests, due to the sheer popularity of video content, livestream Q&As are also highly interactive, while quizzes and questionnaires take the third place.

Show some passion

For proper follower engagement, you also need to work on being responsive. Therefore, you should try responding to each and every post your brand is mentioned in as much as possible. By showing such levels of commitment, you’re telling the world how passionate you are about your brand and your customers. What’s more, keeping an eye on relevant metrics such as social media mentions will provide you with valuable insight essential for the success of your engagement campaign.

Just bear in mind that there will be cases when your brand is mentioned in a negative way, and keeping track of these comments with proper social media monitoring tools is equally important. Likewise, you don’t want to simply sweep such comments under the rug, nor be too aggressive in your response. Accept them as constructive criticism and learn to respond positively to negative comments.


Humanize your brand with micro-influencers

With over a million brands on Facebook alone, people have become so oversaturated with branded messages and content that they have started ignoring them completely. As a result, interacting with them has become increasingly difficult, so now brands have turned to a new form of marketing, namely micro-influencers.

The difference between them and celebrity influencers is not only in their follower counts but also in the way they are generally perceived by the public. For one, they are treated more as an average Joe type than a brand influencer. Hence, when they post a photo of them eating some brand’s delicious chocolate chip cookies, for example, it feels more genuine and authentic. In this regard, the branded content they post is somewhat ‘humanized’ by twisting it into a word-of-mouth review made by a peer instead.

Consequently, this provides a huge boost to brand awareness and recall in people’s minds.

Follow the 4-1-1 rule

Remember, people are fed up with heavily branded content. For this reason, you should stick with the 4-1-1 rule, or in other words: for every branded soft promotion you make, create another, relevant, non-branded post and share four more relevant posts others have made that will entertain your followers. This way you’ll deliver value and, as such, people won’t mind the occasional self-promotion.

However, posting quality content once in a blue moon won’t help you build your brand. Instead, staying consistent by scheduling your posts in advance, especially so for holidays and special events, will ensure that your brand is relevant throughout the whole year.

Indeed, Facebook has turned into an online arena with brands competing with one another for people’s attention in every post. Keep your brand fresh and exciting by spicing things up with these five simple strategies and get that brand awareness to the next level.


David Webb is a Sydney-based business consultant, online marketing analyst, and a writer. With six years of experience and a degree in business management, he continuously informs the public about the latest trends in the industry. He is a senior editor at BizzmarkBlog. You can reach him on Twitter or Facebook.


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