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There are regular updates, news, content and other important announcements from the various fields and genres that marketers need to know to be in pace with the audience. Brands are swift in taking decisions regarding their social media stands and promotional content which requires advance planning besides quick wit & smartness.

Social media content calendar is the organised, scheduled and well thought of content strategy that simply improves the overall social media marketing. A constant influx of updates can be a task for marketers on multiple social media platforms on a daily basis. it can be made easier with the simplified calendar which will not just save you from missing out on the regular trends but also provide a bigger picture of how-to and what to manage on the site.

Social media teams will not only save time, efforts and money by using the social media content calendar but also be punctual, disciplined and patterned in posting on platforms. Examining the post content on the calendar will help brands & marketers understand what media is preferred by their audience as well as try out strategies that yield a good result for the company.

social media content calendar

It not just assists in planning, deciding, scheduling and publishing content properly but also present a smarter brand image to customers & target market online.

Here we have discussed few intelligent tricks to create an impressive social media content calendar for marketers to run successful channels & profiles online.

Tips to create a social media content calendar

#1 Strategize goals for recognised audience

Make sure that the regular content is focused at the interests, likings and choices of the right audiences on the platform. Strategizing the social media content calendar is important because it can save one from lot of unnecessary expenditure and waste. One major step towards starting with building a calendar includes recognising the right audience and setting goals towards the social media.

While most of the marketers would aim at best sales and maximum engagement online, generating leads, tapping into right markets, engaging people regularly, creating interesting content is equally important.

social media content calendar

Making a spreadsheet with detailed information related to content creation, ideas, publishing and platform helps achieve improved engagement rates, more traffic, increased followers, and ultimately more sales & revenue. Therefore, set a table with everything that works great with the audience, mention the type of media, exact platform and action plan before beginning with the execution. It channels the work that is then patterned and organised to become more credible as well as effective.

#2 Type of content for platforms

Deciding the content for social media campaigns and marketing strategies is like arranging for the right balanced diet for health. It is important to draw the flowchart and develop a blueprint of types of content that will resonate with the audience besides being relevant to the business ethics.

Designing a pattern of strategies with the appropriate content mix will not only assist marketers in creating an effective social media content calendar but also project the brand values accurately. Different brands have a different set of values as well as distinct ways of doing business like few are widespread & some deal with niche products/services. Having a pre-planned list of content to market can save efforts.

social media content calendar

The content can be blogs, articles, motivational quotes, guest post, UGC, contest/giveaways, events, product launch/promotion and many other. Brands can also discover new types of content mixes to appeal to their audience and customers.

Therefore, a colour coded excel sheet can be of great use while making the calendar. Make rows and columns with subject heads like the type of content, URL, media involved, platform name, date of publishing, time etc. so as to stay organised on social media. The differently coloured cells can be easily suggestive about the action plan without any error. The calendar plan can be weekly or monthly updated for the smooth functioning of all channels and profiles on social media platforms.

#3 Plan and publish content

Make a list of holidays, national celebrations, festivals, long weekends, vacation periods, and other majorly important dates to avoid missing on viral trends. Almost all types of businesses have something or the other to do with most of such dates and therefore taking note of all these is essential.

Plan campaigns according to the best time, season, and occasion that will be relevant to the brand and its customers to reap maximum benefits from social media content calendar. For an instance running giveaways and contests during appropriate vacation time with a right hashtag can help make viral content on social media which will then attract more users towards the page or channel.

social media content calendar

Make a time table for publishing content to ensure a routine for the audience. A constantly maintained rhythmic publishing of content will prove authenticity, honesty and trust quotient for the brand as well as make it popular amidst the viewers.

Engage the audiences with attractive graphics, collection of visuals and interesting tools to beautify every aspect of the company to build a personality online. This gives an improved insight page with performing graphs that not just works magic for traffic and subscribers but also sales & revenue in real.

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