ListsWhat is Social Media Detox & Why is it Good for You?

Detoxification or detox is generally a term used for consciously refraining from excess use of any particular substance, product, service or simply habit that has affected the normal lifestyle or nature.

We all know about the detox diets that were FAD a few years back and some still follow it where they believe that the particular adaptation of nutrient intake helps them eliminate toxic body elements. While detox drinks are still a thing in the food and health industry, social media detox is yet to be a prominent matter in our societies. Right from drug detox to social media detox everything is essential for the life most of us crave in the future.

social media detox

It is not a new thing to know that too much of everything can be poisonous at times and deserves some specific attention and remedial solutions. Even though we are a brand that deals with video intelligence and everything digital, we too agree that a break is a must to keep ourselves sane in this overly fast-paced, AI-run, smart world.

Why do we need a Social Media Detox?

As we keep mentioning how the number of daily active users on Instagram goes up by millions each day, we are also aware of the potential of damage it can cause to humans. While some 100 million users increased in the last 2 months on Twitter and Facebook, we can google up the average number of hours that people spend on them.

It was calculated in 2020 that on an average basis an individual spends up to 2 hours a day on social media. This is an overwhelming account of time that people can spend scrolling through social media platforms and browsing mostly entertainment on their phones. It is also a precursor for the changed norms of doing business and ongoing cultures.

There have been professions like the digital marketer and social media manager that are growing popular and becoming first priority of the youth these days. However, apart from the business demands and work culture adjustments, it is very essential as well as helpful for professional to consider social media detox at the weekends or vacations.

social media detox

There are several studies that have suggested the negative impacts of excessive incorporation of digital media in life. Right from affecting our emotions, creating a mental health imbalance, continuous sense of competition to a weird detachment from the reality of life. While our work cultures and professional demands may want us online for a specific period of the day, it is important to realise that this life needs to go on a break.

Here are a few pointers that will help you note the requirements for a social media detox.

  1. Drives in insecurity: too much social media can make an individual hyper-competitive and drive them into insane heights of comparison with their counterparts all the time.
  2. Breach of privacy: Social media is definitely an easy medium to share information, images and videos. It is also the most convenient place for companies, frauds and other groups to get that information in many ways.
  3. Instils FOMO: The fear of missing out on information, news, trends etc. is a problematic thing these days. Everyone is too obsessed with knowing about what, who, where and when than themselves and their life.
  4. Mental health lapses: It is no doubt that too much social media has led people on to some very sedentary, unhealthy and stressful situations. Everything affects mental health in the most worrisome conditions. Probably a reason why we are noticing an increased rate of therapy promotions, abrupt behaviour at workplaces and much more.

Social Media Detox and Leading Good Life

Apart from the several authentic studies that report social media detox as an effective remedy against deteriorating mental health and other related concerns, most of us have already faced the wrath as personal experiences. Too much social media addiction is hazardous for mental as well as physical health.

social media detox

Starting from issues growing of lack of creativity, problematic attention spans, inability to recognise or react to the simple things to horrifying panic attacks and unending anxiety pangs. All of this can happen due to less to no social media detox.

Many people resolute to consider social media detox for themselves yet fail to stick by the conditions. Moreover, there is a noticeable pattern where more social media detox leading to a decrease in daily active users on social media platforms is seen during the New years that gradually grows with time. Such sudden abstinence, following the lifestyle trend and popularity of detox mechanisms, appears temporary. Hence, people must look for a planned, conscious, healthy, effortless ways to experience the social media detox.

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