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Online Gaming has moved on from a source of entertainment & relaxation to a full-time career where professional gamers give themselves a chance to earn a six figure income or become a gaming influencer or gaming ambassador for any gaming equipment or trending online games. This blog is a complete guide to Social Media promotion for Online Gaming. Announce yourself in social media in style.

Early Gamers- The Transition

Such has been the growth of the gaming industry & gamers over the time, that even mainstream media & critics have considered a re-assessment of the industry. In the past gaming industry was described as lazy and un-social. It was meant for people who just sat in the corner of a dark room with huge screens and 24/7 just eat & play with no other work. But with the advent of many gaming platforms, game streaming platforms & social media of course, this became a fulltime profession and at the moment is a $100 Billion+ industry worldwide.

With the introduction of sophisticated gaming equipment, the chance to earn & become a gaming influencer or gaming equipment ambassador also increased. Unlike the 19th century, the current generation of gamers saw multiple sources of income & monetization opportunity thus increasing the count of professional gamers worldwide. The viewership of an online gaming industry can surely challenge the viewership of any traditional sports event. This can be justified by the fact that a gaming event named League of Legends Championship in 2014 drew some 40,000 fans to the live playoff & 30 Million+ tuning in to watch the live stream.

Why Social Media for Gamers?

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories, you tell

The best platform at the moment to share your story is Social Media platforms. You may be a great gamer in your own genre but if nobody has any idea about you, then it’s just some random stuff you are doing and the world has enough stuff. Bring yourselves and your game to the limelight to be able to monetize your talent.

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Gaming brands are always in search for gaming influencers to promote their product for every target location. In order to fit in that category of influencers, you have to make yourself visible in the social media world or draw the attention of the brand in-game streaming platforms.

With the growing professionalism in the online gaming industry, the importance to promote, interact with viewers and grow your audience is also rising. This is the sole reason for the importance of Social Media for online gaming.

Tips to Use the Best Social Media Platforms for Online Gaming

Social Media for Online Gaming: YouTube

Even though YouTube is not a gaming only dedicated platform, but the sheer number of videos uploaded & streamed in the gaming category is huge. Undoubtedly YouTube is the biggest video platform globally with 1/3rd of the global population as viewers and one cannot ignore it irrespective of the genre.

Social Media for Online Gaming
80 Million+ Followers for Gaming Category/YouTube Gaming

So coming to gamers, YouTube is the best platform to create an audience base of a mixed target group. Unlike other game streaming platforms where only people with a very deep interest in gaming would be your audience, YouTube would give you a diverse audience thereby increasing the chance of 3rd party monetization+ the monetization opportunity of the video platform itself.


  • YouTube Live Streaming of your game. Live Streaming increases the chances of your channel and video getting featured in the YouTube homepage thereby increasing the chances of getting more subscribers and concurrent views.
  • Upload best strategy and hacks for games of your expertise.
  • Make announcements & share information on online games.
  • Run Contests & Giveaways to ensure audience retention and a higher average view metrics.

Social Media for Online Gaming: Facebook

An active user base of 2.30 Billion+ users and the leading social media platform at the moment. A normal user spends maximum (>than70%) of its time spent on the internet on Facebook rather than any other online platform. Without a doubt, the numbers are enough reason to have a strong presence in Facebook for any online gamer.

Social Media for Online Gaming


  • Similar to YouTube Live stream, Facebook Live is also the most engaging way to interact with your fans in the platform. Stream your games and encourage feedbacks & comments regarding your game from your audience.
  • Share detailed gaming related information & announcements through Facebook Notes (Similar to Blog) in your Facebook business page.
  • Run Contests & Giveaways to ensure audience retention and a higher average view metrics.
  • As the organic reach is low in Facebook so go for a sponsored post for selected updates to get better engagements.

Social Media for Online Gaming: Instagram

An active user base of 1 Billion+ users and a combined user base of 3.30 Billion+ users with its parent company Facebook, the combination has reaped best results for Marketers globally. Unlike Facebook, Instagram has a good organic reach which is a great advantage for any brands/user/marketer initially. Instagram has a bit of limitation when it comes to video uploads & Instagram LIVE but with the introduction of IGTV, its sorted to an extent. Instagram LIVE, unlike Facebook, YouTube & Twitter, only supports device camera, i.e Mobile where Live streaming in the former platforms can be done using a multi-cam facility or screen sharing.

Instagram video only supports 1-minute uploads but IGTV supports fulltime uploads but with a changed configuration (1080 PX*1920PX).

Why Instagram?

Instagram is the only platform at the moment where a gamer can make the best use of #tags to reach a wider audience and in less time. Gamers can upload stories, full-time IGTV videos and just snapshots of the pictures of their videos and link it with their full videos on YouTube. This gives your YouTube channel a broader audience and reach. More the reach higher the chances of earning.


  • Do research for #tags & trending terms in gaming using Google Trends. Use them in your stories and posts.
  • Instagram LIVE: Go Live in Instagram on a periodical basis and do interact with your audience on a specific topic related to Online Gaming Industry.
  • Regularly change the link for your YouTube & Facebook videos in Instagram Bio to ensure all video content get equal exposure opportunity.
  • Do give shoutouts and Run Contests & Giveaways using Instagram stories.

Social Media for Online Gaming: Twitter

Social Media for Online Gaming

Twitter has been the most popular social media platform to make new product related announcements and as a news aggregator social platform. Gamers might ignore Twitter as going by the trend it’s mostly used by news companies, but again just like Instagram #tags do have an importance with a good organic reach and like Facebook & YouTube one can do a multi-cam & screen sharing Live Stream.


  • As the platform is most popular with announcements and news, use it to make your announcements. Keep your audience informed about your streaming time and updates.
  • Go Live using your Periscope account in Twitter just like Facebook & YouTube.
  • Run Contests & Giveaways to ensure the un-Follow rate is less and a better engagement through RT to win contests.
  • Make the best use of #tags.
  • Make the best use of moments & list as it helps to highlight posts from your timeline.
  • Follow other gaming influencers and leading gaming equipment brands or games. Do engage with leading gaming brands to draw their attention.

Social Media for Online Gaming: Twitch

Social Media for Online Gaming

Twitch, a subsidiary of Amazon has been the leading game streaming platform ever since its acquisition by Amazon. Twitch also supports non-gaming streams & videos but it’s known worldwide for gaming videos & as a live game streaming platform. Twitch supports streaming of all e-sports gaming. Twitch streaming apps are available for mobile devices (Android & iOs), play station 4 & 3 & Xbox 360.

The best part of Twitch is the Partner & Affiliate program similar to that of YouTube. Through this program Twitch allows streamers to share a part of the advertising revenue thereby giving a source of revenue to professional streamers. However minimum standards are set by Twitch to become a part of the partner program. A minimum concurrent view of 500+ and a minimum of 3 days of streaming schedule per week. But with the launch of achievement features, there is a clearer path to affiliate partnership with trackable goals.

Social Media for Online Gaming: Mixer

Social Media for Online Gaming

The nearest major competitor of Twitch is the Microsoft owned e-sports streaming platform Mixer. Mixer is also an e-sports streaming platform for online gamers to help them increase the visibility of their gaming in the online medium and also get an opportunity to earn from your streams.

Mixer has a variety of earning options in its partner program through real & virtual currency. Viewers can also support streamers to unlock skills to help their favorite gamers reach milestones through sparks which in turn can allow them to cash out real money in return. The partner program also allows streamers to get a cut of any direct purchase made during the streaming of their game for every item/game brought through their channel.

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According to speculations Mixer would let go its 2 tier subscription model in 2019 and would come up with a new progression system. At present, the 2 tier subscription model relies on viewers being a full subscriber or not. But with the progression system, it would allow viewers to engage with Mixer as well as streaming community a level up unlocking new abilities & reward irrespective of the device from where you are using Mixer.

Social Media for Online Gaming: Greenman Gaming

Social Media for Online Gaming

Greenman Gaming is a leading Britain based online games retailer. In March 2017, Greenman gaming launched a new community platform integrated with its e-commerce based online gaming store. This forum is a great platform for online gamers to increase their online/social media presence. The forum allows information sharing on in-depth game stats, latest news and game updates, game reviews & ability to watch Twitch streams by game. The last feature can surely help Twitch streamers increase their Twitch followers.

Social Media for Online Gaming: We Game

Social Media for Online Gaming

One of a kind online video capturing tool, where an online gamer can snap crucial moments and achievements and share it with the We Game active users community. The focus on video footage & screenshots is unique to we game where users have the option to rate it and the best gets a chance to rank on the top. We Game also encourages to post on shared themes like “biggest guns”, “best kill”, “coolest vehicle” etc.

Social Media for Online Gaming: Gamurs

Social Media for Online Gaming

Gamurs is a free social media gaming platform for gamers to stay updated with the recent happenings, news, updates etc related to the e-sports and online gaming industry. Gamurs also pulls top news from top game platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Steam, Mixer etc. The profiles in Gamurs replicate to that of Google+.

Social Media for Online Gaming: Steam

Social Media for Online Gaming

Steam is a digital distribution platform for purchasing & playing of video games. Steam is the largest digital distribution platform for PC gaming with a market share of 75%. Services offered by Steam are digital rights management, matchmaking servers, video streaming & gaming social media.

Steam also has a free API called Steamworks which developers can use to integrate many of steam functions into their products. The API integration unlocks networking, matchmaking, in-game achievements to name a few.

Steam also has an option for gamers to make money out the platform. If you are an active user, then you can sell all eligible items on the market and get a cut out of the value of the product in your Steam Wallet.

Social Media for Online Gaming: Duxter

Duxter can be unofficially called the Facebook of the gaming industry. With a sleek interface, Duxter gives you the ability to upload texts, image, videos, streams & more to your online gaming community. A user can also buy physical goods right out of Duxter store. The online gaming social media platform also has an in-house meme generator.

With a 360 degree social media approach, Duxter is the best platform for gamers to increase their popularity within the gaming community worldwide.

Social Media for Online Gaming: Discord

Social Media for Online Gaming

Discord is also called Skype in the world of gaming. It’s a combination of text/voice/video chat options combined under 1 name. The beauty of the discord is that a user can create as many discord servers and join them without leaving an existing one. Although it’s not like a typical social media channel but the chat servers do help to build a community for any discord user. By now every e-sports game/online game in the world has at least one discord server.

Social Media for Online Gaming: Best Practices for Best Results

  • While the list of social media platforms for online gamers is endless, but a gamer should be clear with the kind of channels it should be targeting. Instead of going for the maximum, go for the minimum but give your best in every platform.
  • Design a Logo for your gaming channel to be used in every platform. This helps in creating presence and branding for your gaming. It also differentiates you from the crowd.
  • Do regular updates and stream announcements to inform your viewers about any new information. Stream information alerts users about your future stream schedules and helps you achieve high concurrent views which helps in ranking your videos.
  • Explore Vidooly’s e-sports analytics Tool, Twitch & Mixer reports and Gaming leaderboard to do a competitor analysis and re-work on your strategy.
  • Give Shout-outs to your followers. Shout-outs, contents & giveaways is a great way to increase engagement with your followers and ensure a loyal audience base.
  • Do share your opinion in the industry. Use your public social platforms to share your opinions related to changes in the gaming industry.
  • Explore the comic side. Do not be monotonous in platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Other than games do share a meme relatable to the gaming community. This shows up your creativity and also gets higher engagements in social media.

Note: Growing your audience and becoming an influencer in any particular genre or category requires a lot of patience and creativity. The only way to be successful is to believe there is no hack or shortcut and make the best use of the available platforms to the best of your expertise and available resources.

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