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Clayton Richard3 years ago

Social media is a unique channel that allows brands to advertise, communicate, and engage with their audience at the same time. No wonder this strategy remains a number one choice for marketing teams aiming toward excellence in 2019.

Not only can popular social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter extend your marketing reach, but they can also help you build a community and familiarize with your customers’ needs. Not doing that is a big mistake you could be making.

Here’s a list of other social marketing mistakes you should avoid:

Not Having a Strategy for Social Media

Social media marketing is not so difficult. There’s huge competition to be bypassed, that’s true, but there’s also a massive user base you can appeal to. The most important thing you need to do here is to generate quality content and engage with the audience.

But you can’t do that without a plan.

While quality content and engagement are crucial, two questions remain – what kind of content your audience will respond to and what engagement factors influence their buying decisions? In other words, how will you achieve your goals?

Answer these questions and start developing specific objectives and action plans. In the end, your social media strategy must outline budgets and other resources too, as well as how you plan to measure the ROI of individual campaigns.

Not Communicating With the Audience

In both business and life, communication is a two-way street. Marketing, on the other hand, used to traditionally rely on one-way channels. The advent of social media changed this, urging marketing teams to start listening.

You need engaging content to succeed with this strategy, remember, but you can’t possibly know the type of content your audience likes engaging with if you don’t listen to what they’re saying. For that, you have social media listening tools.

Now that you’ve heard their opinions, complaints, and ideas, you can start communicating back. Stay responsive to their feedback, positive and negative alike, and always keep the dialogue open. Most importantly, implement their tips.

Not Tracking Any Social Media Analytics

Social media listening is a good way to track your marketing performance, but it’s certainly not the only one. Google Analytics and other similar tools provide a host of possibilities for generating and interpreting actionable data.

Not using them is a tactical mistake.

How else would you understand your audience’s needs, pain points, and conversion factors? Social media analytics provide insight into their on-site behavior, which automatically translates to your social KPIs and engagement rates.

Without this insight, you’ll have no way of knowing whether your strategy works or not. Its end goal is to drive traffic to your website and boost conversions, so don’t forget to measure its success rate for various channels and techniques.

Being Everywhere at the Same Time

Multi-channeling increases your chances of generating new leads and driving more sales, but only if you don’t compromise the quality of your content for the number of channels. Otherwise, you’ll be stretching yourself too thin.

Unless you boast a huge marketing team, you cannot possibly make an impact on more than two or three social media sites. Each of these channels is highly unique, so you can’t copy-paste content and reuse your old campaigns.

This is another reason why tracking social media analytics is so important. You’ll gain a much better understanding of which networks are suitable for your brand. Focus on your perfect match or choose a combination of two or three.

Too Much Spamming, No Real Value

Too many brands make the mistake of confusing social media for traditional outbound channels. Although social media ads are a part of this strategy too, the ultimate focus should be on relationship building, not self-promotion.

Spamming on social media is not only frowned upon; It’s also a good way to get unfollowed. Don’t forget that people use these sites to socialize and exchange information. Online shopping is still a marginal activity for social media users.

You’ll be able to hit a sweet spot between advertising your products and providing value to your audience if you follow an 80/20 rule. Here, 20% of your posts should be self-promotion and 80% add definite value to your followers’ lives.

Not Staying Secure on Social Media

One less talked-about mistake in social media marketing is staying exposed to multiple threats in the online environment. A huge percentage of business operations is already digitized. Add everyday social media activity to that, and you’ll become an easy target.

The more channels you cover, the bigger the threat.

This is especially true if you’re using a social media marketing automation tool as a centralized dashboard for managing lead generation and on-site customer conversion. These tools are usually integrated with CRM systems and other in-house databases.

It’s not a bad idea to rely on a VPN for managing social media interactions. This will not only add another layer of protection around your IT infrastructure but also keep your customers’ data secure. You can give it a try with a NordVPN coupon before you choose a VPN vendor.


Social media marketing offers amazing opportunities for brand awareness and exponential growth. Don’t miss out on them by repeating these common mistakes. Develop a data-based strategy, engage with your audience, and stay worthy of their trust.

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