ListsSocial Media Pros and Cons: The Ultimate Guide for Marketers

As marketers, we have used social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn beside social sharing applications such as Instagram and Snapchat. All of this has placed the platforms & channels at top of all other media of promotion & reaching people. There is no doubt that social media has transformed into the juggernaut of modern marketing as well as advertising.

These days Business and brands depend completely on the social media platforms to recognise the target market, understand the audience, and advertise to them. Moreover, market surveys that are the primary authentic source of information for research are using the internet for the same.

social media pros and cons

Weighing social media pros and cons is a tricky subject because nothing is really cent per cent perfect today. While discussing both the sides of social media, we as a marketer would use it in business because the pros are worth taking a few risks on the internet.

What are social media pros?

  1. Great networking opportunities

The real-time connection and interaction offered by the social media platforms and other sites is incredible. It is the 24 X 7 connectivity with the public that keeps the brand going with their services. Networking is the key to reach and stay connected with real people and potential customers. Over more than half of the world population is on social media and that makes it more effective in terms of a benefit.

social media pros and cons

  1. Using organic content for engagement

As we discuss the social media pros and cons, one must never miss the fact that it’s a great chance for brands to present themselves to customers as they would like to do. Social media connects brands directly with their target audience where they can learn more regarding the type of content consumed by the audience and create similar images, videos, texts and animation to post. The space to develop and design customised content is a huge power bestowed upon marketers by the social media platforms. this gives them a chance to represent themselves as they need to.

  1. Advertising flexibility

Options to narrow down the audience and selecting whom to advertise online is a super power that comes along with social media. It is effective because one can pick the demography, jobs, interest and other such information to customise audience or target specific groups to show products/services directly. Moreover, using social media posts to promote and create buzz around specific offers is affordable compared to other modes of online advertising.

  1. Improved customer feedback and addressing grievance

With a 24 X 7 round the clock facility available online, it gets easy and quick for brands to address any problem and resolve it immediately. Be that the Facebook or Twitter, mentioning or tagging the brand to complain regarding anything or bring things to notice has become a common practice for all. hence, staying updated and making the presence felt by resolving matters and correcting errors is the best way to develop customer relationship besides uplifting the brand’s image.

  1. Generate ideas with UGC

Personally, this is a favourite. User-Generated Content is smart, wise, logical, relatable and everything associated with creatively uplifting the brand position beside the image. These content are made by the customers themselves therefore, creating interesting posts around it can easily impress the audience. Above all, it makes the audiences feel included, heard, understood and most importantly prioritized.

What are social media cons?

  1. Need to stay updated with trends

Every day there are several hashtags floating on Twitter while viral videos make rounds on Instagram and Facebook. All of these are indicative of the fact that one must be smart enough to track the daily news, spot peculiar content inspiration, understand the most liked content and create accordingly. It can be a huge plus point for social media but missing it or misinterpretation can lead to loss of audience and other problems.         social media pros and cons

  1. Expensive ad campaigns

Social media pros and cons are just two sides of the same coin because where campaigns are a plus for brands it can cost more. Specific advertising campaigns are more expensive as the return on ad spend can be a greater task than the regular way. Organic ads can be fruitful for a certain period of time and that is why using social media for all business is not recommended generally.

  1. Negative feedbacks, embarrassment & trolling

These days there are several cases filed with the police for online bullying and cyber trolls that make it a tough to advertise as well. We do not know the audience preference everywhere therefore things can be a mess at times and backfire to the business. Trolling and making memes is the newest form of art and expression which comes with a lot of risks to receive negative flak and problems.

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