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Sentiment analysis is beyond measuring just the likes, comments and shares. It is basically contextual mining of content that recognises and provides subjective information to help brands understand sentiment of their audiences/consumers.

Social media sentiment analysis is reading through people’s reaction, emotions, opinions and attitudes over any ad post, product launch or blog content. It is a systematically arranged method to extract the overall reactions and determine if they were negative, positive, neutral, biased, sarcastic or ideological.

Being a brand that is trying to build a regular presence online it is important to decipher the sentiments of people who are digitally active on internet. It can get complex to examine each individual audience or understand the average emotions of consumers hence social media sentiment analysis tools are designed to serve the purpose on a larger scale.

social media sentiment analysis tools

Brands must resonate with the target market to generate better revenues and establish loyal customer base. Sentiment analysis will help marketers initiate planned actions to capture market, adapt performing strategies, work on damage control, settle issues with user experience and create brand awareness.

Let us discuss few of these social media sentiment analysis tools that will provide assistance to brands in developing smarter campaigns, improved products/services & overall brand image.

Best social media sentiment analysis tools for marketers

  1. Lexalytics

It is one of the most efficient social media sentiment analysis tools that helps marketers deal with text comfortably. Brands that need to scrutinise large volumes of text data, avail social media monitoring or use robotic process automation can use Lexalytics. To conduct sentiment analysis, it breaks text into easier phrases, words and sentences then identifies the emotion-related phrase thereby assigning a score from -1 to +1 under analysis score.

social media sentiment analysis tools

  1. Meltwater

Social media sentiment analysis becomes easier with tools that have artificial intelligence integrated along with a comprehensive source database. They provide simplified insights related to audience sentiments that assists marketers build better campaigns resonating with the consumers. Meltwater examines the tone of comments on specific posts and outlines the right sentiments.

social media sentiment analysis tools

  1. PeopleBrowsr

Marketers can easily get their brand concerned detailed insights like tags, mentions and other related online activities. It can measure the performance of ads, posts, stories and other types of content on the social media channels and platforms. PeopleBrowsr is an effective social media sentiment analysis tool which helps companies analyse sentiments, decode multiple texts for all kinds of customer emotion, know about labels/tags/mentions of competitors and leaders.

social media sentiment analysis tools

  1. Hootsuite

With a great combination of machine learning and natural language processing to detect the appropriate sentiments of users across multiple platforms makes Hootsuite one of the most preferred social media analysis tools for marketers. They have systematic algorithms built over training sets of data for millions of varied emotions and sentiments. The algorithm then classifies and recognises patterns of emotion from new sets of data to provide sentiment analysis reports.

social media sentiment analysis tools

  1. Sentiment Analyser- Daniel

Being one of the most convenient and easy to use social media sentiment analysis tool, it examines any English text and indicates the sentiment report. It has a sentiment meter that scales from -100 to +100. As it does not pull data automatically, one must copy the text on the board provided to analyse its sentiment insights.

social media sentiment analysis tools

  1. Meaning cloud

The social media sentiment analysis program uses API that examines sentiments by identifying individual phrase or word. It is designed to identify opinions, facts and information related to the content posted. This tool also read agreement/disagreement statements beside decoding the meaning of ironies and sarcasm on posts. The social media sentiment analysis report provide might not be accurately 100% correct but covers maximum real results.

social media sentiment analysis tools

  1. RapidMiner

With a tagline of “extract insight from unstructured content” Rapidminer is equipped with AI and ML which makes is a reliable data science platform. Unlike most data tools, it brings factual reports based on qualitative textual content and text mining. RapidMiner aims to read, research online reviews, blogposts, social media chatter, call centre transcriptions, claim forms, journals, patent fillings and research publications to help business and brands grow rapidly.

social media sentiment analysis tools

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