ListsSocial Media Takeovers: Everything Brands and Marketers need to know about

Social media takeovers are basically providing access to one’s public profile to a person/brand with similar intentions, interests or relevance while granting them permissions to post content of any form on it.

Mostly, the industry experts & professionals, collaborated parties, branded influencers etc. are partnered with the host/owner of the account. They can publish stories, short-form videos, elaborated posts, articles or do live tours around the decided topic for the takeover. There can be announcements, product/service launches done creatively in this manner.

social media takeovers

Initially, social media takeovers were popular on sites such as Instagram and Snapchat but nowadays, they are practised on most possible platforms. brands and marketers can easily leverage the social media takeovers to promote their brand, popularize new concepts and acquire related bigger target markets.

For example, a branded profile with a huge number of followers that deals with fitness can consider a takeover with another account that focuses on diet cultures and healthy eating. Here we have a detailed study on how social media takeovers can help brands build their presence on social media sites.

Reasons to Leverage Social Media Takeovers

It is not doubted that marketing techniques that include ‘word of mouth’ always resulted in great numbers and graphs but social media is updated, younger and quick in reaching. There are plenty of reasons to incorporate this new digital format to grab the attention of more audiences, acquire and retain them efficiently.

  1. Expand reach & get exposure

Social media takeovers are no doubt one of the best ways to tap into a new market or section of the audience that existed on the platform but not on your following list. Having fresh content brewed for the market, be it the existing one or other related groups, attracts engagement. More engagement on the account posts, more visibility and reach leading to increased conversions, sales and real-time brand presence.

Many brands often try out social media takeovers to announce their presence on a new channel. For example, there can be a brand that is doing great on Facebook and LinkedIn but plans to launch itself on Instagram, they can easily select their most favourable influencer and act on the plan. Be it a macro influencer with a variedly large and diverse audience or a niche influencer with a dedicated following, social media takeovers are a boon to brands launching themselves online. The whole concept goes by the logic that collaborating with a partner who is already established & popular in the relevant segment can boost as well as fasten the process of building an audience on social media.

social media takeovers

2. Boost following on profile

Post reach expansion, gaining followers on the account is a no brainer. Collaborating with the right influencer or celebrity with a new set of massive followers can help attract their audience towards the brand account itself. Hosts that get other personalities to speak to their audience on their channel also invite the followers & market the takeover personality to the brand account. While people can take interest in listening to the influencer featured in the brand’s social media takeovers, may also be interested in the brand’s direct content. This way we can increase the following on the profile and make way for more new audiences that in turn can help boost the real sales figures as well.

3. Improve brand credibility

Influencers, online personalities and celebrities are real people with a brand image of their own. Getting any of them to take over the brand’s channel can add to the promotions and branding. Studies have proved that people tend to trust micro & nano influencers over bigger celebrities while purchasing any product or deciding on a service. Hence, social media takeovers can be a huge benefit in terms of building a brand that is trustworthy. There have been many great brands that partner with top influencers to reach and impress a much-targeted audience group and climb the ladders to ultimate digital performance. Partnering with the right influencer or brand can uplift the brand credibility by association, boost overall performance as well as brand presence online and introduce products/services to the audiences.

4. Impactful marketing campaigns

Many brands lookout for meaningful branding techniques that will not just attract customers but also help create an impact on them and thereby retain the acquired market space. Collaborating with other influential brands with similar or at least relevant objectives can make the pairing more effective with brilliant social media marketing campaigns that are high yielding. It will not just boost the campaign performance but attract each other’s audience and pool in more engagement hence, ensuring achievement. Moreover, planning the basic marketing campaigns like contests, giveaways, advertising etc. can all be summed up under social media takeovers.

social media takeovers

5. Add life to the account

Considering all the points discussed above, social media takeovers are a great way to add freshness to the account and bring out new content ideas. Having a third party on your channel to liven up the existing audience can be a great surprise package besides being extremely entertaining, informative and useful. This stretches the account boundaries and helps explore the best aspects of the audiences and social media. There are several content formats and post ideas that can be used to attain the maximum benefit. In a way, this adds a face to the brand and gives it character. People know what to expect from it and the connecting dots with the channel.

Social media takeovers are highly measurable and result in higher metrics in favour of the host channel compared to the plane way of advertising by the owner itself. There are multiple reasons why one must consider the social media takeovers to present their products, celebrate milestones, announce offers, introduce freshness to the channel and more.

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