ListsSponsored Snapchat Filters- All that Marketers Need to know in 2021

Remember those puppy face filters that people happily shared online with their tongues sticking out in the video? How can someone forget those age filters that showed an older version of the user in a selfie video!

Sponsored snapchat filters have pioneered the trends of using these lenses and filters to create an elevated experience for its users.

With over 280 Million daily active users recorded in the first quarter of the year 2021, Snapchat is a platform that opens up a mammoth space for marketers and brands. The number of users on the social media application had an accelerating growth during the pandemic that presented relevant content to interested potential customers.

sponsored snapchat filters

Snapchat ads manager provides several facilities for users to utilize and reach the wider target market instead of just going local with advertising on the platform. This expands the scopes of reaching the right audience with customized campaigns including filtered age, location, job, interest and profession.

Sponsored Snapchat filters are an amazing way to directly tap into the specified target audience and effectively promote the campaign. All such smart branded filters and related features on Snapchat makes it the 3rd most popular social media platform after Facebook and Instagram.

What Are Sponsored Snapchat Filters?

The sponsored snapchat filters are one of the most trending and powerful sources of digital advertising for brands and creators on the application. They are designed intelligently with all the factors that help make a video interesting, engaging as well as totally attention-grabbing.

This featured was created for artists, smart brands and content builders who were open to experimenting with advanced technologies. The sponsored snapchat filter is basically an overlay image or frame that makes the simple selfie or video highly interactive and live.

sponsored snapchat filters

All of these spectacular systems of modern advertising program was developed with the help of augmented reality, artificial intelligence and well-researched algorithms.

Right from brands like Gatorade, taco bell, Disney, target to celebrity & movie promotions like Shazam, Terminator Genisys etc., these sponsored snapchat filters with geofilters and lenses ads made the promotions and advertising a fun cakewalk for the users.

Just imagine, over 7 million new users got attracted to the gender-swapping filter on Snapchat and made it a magical record-breaking feature on the application.

Stepwise guide to using Sponsored Snapchat Filter

There are two main ways to use the filter, one is by selecting options from pre-set frames, animation and theme and the second style are to create a customised filter from the scratch. Now, the decision depends on the agenda and idea of the user behind the creation.

It is advisable to use a snapchat business account so as to access all the resources and facilities available for best results.

Creation using templates:

  1. Log in to profile
  2. Head to Creative tools
  3. Select Filters
  4. As the studio provides all themes, settings for brands, click on the template drop down list
  5. Pick from the various options available like wedding, Ramadan, birthdays, celebration etc. as per needs

Creating from scratch:

  1. Log in to business profile
  2. Go to Creative tools
  3. Select Filters
  4. Click on Upload at the top near Upload your own
  5. Adjust upload size accordingly
  6. Set the date and time to provide an estimate of the period you need the filter to be active. The prices will be based on it
  7. Set the location by providing inputs of major points or by just grabbing some space on the map as needed. More the radius of space, more the prices
  8. The application will geofence areas as preferred
  9. It will take some days to manually check and approve the filter for the brand
  10. Sign out and wait till it is all life

Brands and users can consider using a few amazing virtual marketing tools to create their raw designs for the filter if the default ideas are not liked or preferred.

Watch the magic unfold on your app later.

Brands to use Sponsored Snapchat Filters in the Business

There are numerous reasons why a brand must invest in these sponsored ads now and in future.

Now, Snapchat is popular and niche both at the same time. While a majority of brands are having a Facebook business page of their own, a very few handfuls of the brands make it to snapchat. These few brands have access to more audience, customised targets and fewer rivals.

One doesn’t have to deal with the popular red ocean market strategy and get all the attention at the least expense. Moreover, adding Snapchat to the branding strategy helps the company project itself as unique and rare in the industry.

sponsored snapchat filters

We all know that Snapchat is attractive mostly due to these filters that help us take varieties of pictures and try out a plethora of fun & binge kind of activities. This will help build brand awareness and create a personality for the online audiences.

One of the most appealing points about advertising with sponsored snapchat filters is that they are highly cost effective as most filters can be purchased at minimal pricing as low as $5. It ensures complete use of facilities and minimal loss hence, making it accessible to smaller businesses as well.

The geofilter present in the ad program helps brands build a virtual geofence that will only allow audiences to present near the brand thereby making sure that the ad reaches the potential customers only. It will increase the probability of converting the online audiences into buyers leading to complete leverage of the ad.

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