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The digital music streaming service industry is majorly dominated by the brand Spotify. It is a vast and versatile library for music lovers, podcast enthusiasts and audio content consumers. Today Spotify holds a huge power to influence markets because of its easy accessibility and user friendly interface.

All you would need to do is sign up with your email id or just connect through Facebook to access a plethora of music, albums, podcasts and more.

spotify premium

If users want to just try out the app then there is no hassle or commitment involved in the process as they can simple sign up for it and try the Spotify free version.

The Spotify free can be compared to radio station that come with ads in between audio content whereas in order to access complete add free services users can subscribe to the Spotify Premium.

How does Spotify work?

The music streaming platform has different version that present separate features and elements. Spotify provides huge collections of audio content where users can join in with their friends and contacts to discover who’s listening to what. Multiple playlists and hit tracks are all available on the site and can be used through different devices such mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

Spotify provides offline steaming options for their plan subscribers and allow users to listen to music without the support of network and internet.

spotify premium

It also allows users to download music, audio content, podcasts and other albums through the Spotify premium upgraded version. Such features make Spotify more loved application for music streaming as it helps people get their favourite music on the go, without network or any other support.

Data usage while using Spotify depend on the duration and quality of music or audio selected by the users. The platform may consume up to 1GB data in less than 7 hours when supreme music quality is picked while it may also provide you good music at normal quality and consume about 1GB in 24hours.

Features of Spotify free version

The Spotify free version comes with limited features and option for listeners. With the free plan users can access multiple playlists, albums, tunes, streams along with sharing the same with friends. Playing any playlist, album or artist is possible only with the shuffle play mode.

spotify premium

Spotify free version may not provide access to the Spotify radio but the daily mix playlists can be used anytime. Music and other audio content can be played in shuffle mode and users can also skip music up to six hours with the plan.

spotify premium

This version is readily available on the website or the desktop software as well as on smart phone application.

Listeners can easily use the Spotify free version on any type of device including mobiles, tablets and laptops.

Why is the Spotify Premium version better?

This version of Spotify is paid and has all the features that the brand offers for its listeners and users.

Spotify premium is definitely better than its free version mainly because it obstructs adverts and provides a smooth ad free audio consuming experience to its listeners.

spotify premium

Exploring music, getting regular podcast updates, sharing music with friends, create or editing playlists and playing on demand music are some major features of the Spotify Premium version.

spotify premium

Loyal users of Spotify Premium can listen to high quality music while being able to skip any track anytime. Users can listen to music while being offline on its application and website too.

Spotify listeners can access files of music through their android as well as iPhone devices which makes it more suitable for major part of the target market. Spotify premium is one of the main reasons why the brand is leading and domination the industry they are representing here.

spotify premium

If we compare both Spotify free and Spotify premium versions, then it will be clearly noted that the Spotify premium plan is more wide and offers user friendly options. Users can subscribe to their favourite channels, artists and creative companies to get regular audio content.

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