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As we proceed towards battling the deadly COVID-19 virus with nationwide lockdown, aspiring entrepreneurs are experimenting to help mankind in a million ways. While several Startups went downhill with the closure of major service/product markets and the economy crash, few experts believe to see a certain boom in the same segment post lockdown.

We may have a difference of opinion over this topic depending on the perception of news that we read or receive but factually businesses will see many drifts in the coming days.

Start-up YouTube channels

When multiple industries faced the wrath of coronavirus with crores of loss there were businesses that managed to continue the show. Particularly the digital segments and brands online had a safe play.

Right from online Startups like Unacademy, Coursera to social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram everyone saw a spike in their growth. As gaming entrepreneurs saw huge profits with their simple ideas like Ludo King and Discord application, they went full-on with the development of the same.

It is being anticipated that the end of nation-wide lockdown may give birth to the next generation of Zomato, Ola, BigBasket, etc.

To assist all entrepreneurs and passionate creators we have listed popular Startup YouTube channels that will provide necessary feed to the intelligent brains.

Best 8 Startup YouTube channels

  1. Tony Robbins

Startup YouTube channels are best consumed through short-format videos as not every hardworking entrepreneur has much time for social media. Tony Robbins, with over 858k subscribers, is one of the most loved mentors, philanthropist, author and strategist. He is known to boost the mental strength of his audience with powerful TED talks and practical suggestions.

If you are aspiring to be a Startup builder then his channel is a much-recommended place to get the best information, hacks, resources and motivation.

  1. TED

It is 2021 and if you are thinking of entrepreneurship, living life on your own terms and building an empire then you definitely know TED talks. Besides being one of the most loved Startup YouTube channels, TED videos are popular on social media sites like Facebook, Linked In and Twitter.

They feature the world’s most inspiring personalities, doers, creators and leaders from various industries, backgrounds and brands with enthralling life stories.

The channel covers all talks within 18 minutes or less and makes the content highly appealing to the communities that are aspiring to do something different ahead.

Talks related to technology, entertainment, products, sports, design, etc. can be found here that will not just enrich your knowledge palette but also motivate you to do.

  1. GaryVee

A whopping 2.68 million subscribers and a huge serious fan following makes GaryVee one of the most popular Startup YouTube channels. The active CEO of VaynerMedia, a full-service advertising house serving fortune 100 clients, Gary Vaynerchuk is the main speaker of the channel. He is a serial entrepreneur, chairman of VaynerX that houses lifestyle brands like PureWow for women, ONE37pm for men and partner with athlete representation VaynerSports agency. Gary is also the founder of a restaurant finding app called Resy and cannabis-based branding agency Greens street.

He brings experiences, ideas, hacks, authentic information to the table due to which many top Startup enthusiasts take notes from his YouTube channel.

The videos have millions of views and amazing engagement rates that prove the credible, original and life-saving content on it.

  1. Entrepreneur

The name itself says about the content in it. Pure entrepreneurial strategies, ideas, news and facts built it to become a much loved Startup YouTube channels. It is a paradise for Founders, CEO’s, executives, youngsters, ambitious individuals who believe in bringing change to the way mankind is evolving.

Most of the videos on the channel are of short duration that is easy to watch and effective on all sides.

One can find mind-blowing techniques, strategy builders, ideas, innovations, news and information related to business and entrepreneurship.

  1. Behind the Brand

Just the same as the name suggests, one among the insightful Startup YouTube channels by Bryan Elliott tells the audience about the unknown tales behind brands, leaders, founders and everything known to the world.

The channel has 180k subscribers that gain from the videos that are more of interviews of creators, brand builders, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, and artists. The channel acts as a backstage for the world-famous personalities who share the most critical tricks, secrets and minds candidly on it. He has interviewed bestselling author Seth Godin, expert dog trainer Cesar Millan, Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk as well.

  1. Neil Patel

If marketing keeps you fuelled and functioning, then Neil is not a stranger anymore. He is a serial entrepreneur, bestselling author and magic marketer with amazing blog posts and videos on the channel. With over 639k subscribers his is one of the most-watched Startup YouTube channels consumed by millions of viewers.

He keeps his channel updated with regular video posts of 3 in a week pattern that consists of important marketing tips, tricks, techniques and hacks. Beginners can utilise the channel in the best way possible as the content is basic, easy and effective in application.

  1. Business Insider

We have all come across this brand on various social media platforms due to the millions of shares their content get on it. Business Insider is yet another marvellous business brand that publishes regularly updated videos on business news, facts, surprising information, case studies, marketing mantras and whatnot.

A crazy 3.08 million subscribers and several million views on each video besides the sharing & engagement on social media are pieces of evidence of its dependable content.

As one of the top Startup YouTube channels, it offers much more than any entrepreneur can need for building a stronger business.

  1. Tim Ferris

Early-stage technology investor, advisor to top brands like Alibaba, Duolingo, Facebook, author, mentor, and thinker, Tim Ferris brings some advanced videos for his viewers on YouTube. His is one of the most known Startup YouTube channels that imparts business knowledge, lesser-known ideas, genius tricks and methods to do proper business.

The entrepreneurs who are looking for a successful career, trying to change scenarios globally and add worth to the industries must watch his shows.

They have some great advice, interviews, speeches and monologues that not just seem to be but are actual doable and effective.

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