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Professional networking site LinkedIn has over 650 million registered users in 200 countries and regions worldwide. It is a powerful and promising channel to drive traffic, build leadership, generate quality leads, and more. The real power of LinkedIn is its ability to tap the most professional audience and grow brand presence by building LinkedIn connections. This is the reason why more than 30 million companies have a presence on LinkedIn, and around 90% of the recruiters use LinkedIn company page to recruit highly skilled resources.

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To uniquely identify your company and help members know about your business, values, brand, job opportunities, and more, you need to create a LinkedIn Company Page. In this blog, we will discuss how to create your first company page and share some highly effective tips to manage your company page.

6 Steps to create a LinkedIn Company Page

  1. Go to and log into your account
  2. In the top right corner of your LinkedIn homepage, click on the “Work” icon. Click “Create a Company Page
  3. Depending on the size of your business, choose your company page type from the given options
    • Small business
    • Medium to large business
    • Showcase page
    • Educational Institution
      choose your LinkedIN company page type
    1. Fill out your company page details
      a. Company Name and LinkedIn URL
      Fill in the name of your company and a public LinkedIn URL, which will be a unique URL to locate your company page by LinkedIn members and search engines. By default, the company page URL is in the form “ company name”
      There are certain things to remember while creating a URL

      • Page URL change is subjected to availability
      • A page URL can’t be changed more than once in a period of 30 days
      • Once changed, the old URL will be available to claim after 365 days
      • It may take a few weeks for search engines to direct traffic to your new company page URL
      • To change company URL, you must be an admin of that page

      b. Link to your Website – Fill the link to your company’s website
      c. Company details


      Industry: Accounting, Marketing & Advertising, Consumer goods, designs, etc
      Company size: based on the number of employees
      Company Type: Public Company, Partnership, Sole proprietorship, etc

      d. Profile details

      • Logo – The recommended size of your company logo is 300×300 px in JPG, JPEG, or PNG format. Make sure to follow the LinkedIn image specification. According to LinkedIn data, companies with a logo image on their company page gain six times more traffic than those without a logo


      • Tagline – This a short description of what your business does. Write a brief tagline within 120 characters that uniquely defines your company’s value. The goal here is to have a catchy and concise tagline with relevant keywords that eagerly compels people to see what’s inside your page
    1. After filling all the details. Check the verification box that gives you the authoritative right to create and manage the page. Click “Create page

      LinkedIn page Verification

    2. Once created, upload a cover photo with a creative style matching the theme of your logo. The cover photo will appear at the top of your company page and should be visually dynamic to capture people’s attention.
      Vidooly LinkedIn Page
      LinkedIn recommends 1536 x 768 px size of cover photo. You can add a more detailed description, a location once the page is created

Best practices for LinkedIn Company page users

    • Expand your reach by encouraging your employees and colleagues to join your company’s LinkedIn page. Ask them to add their work positions with your company on their LinkedIn profiles. Doing so will link your company page with their profiles and their profiles will appear on your company’s page.
    • Regularly posting company updates, recent news, and articles are one of the best ways to grow your follower reach. Sharing engaging content regularly is an effective way to build a conversation around your page and directly engage with LinkedIn users. According to LinkedIn, companies that post weekly see a 2x growth in engagements.
    • Optimize the SEO of your company page by adding keyword-rich sentences as up to 156 characters of your page text are shown by Google. Include words and phrases related to your expertise, industry, business as most of the companies are searched by keywords.
    • LinkedIn figures show a 2x higher comment rate on posts with images. Also, posts with 3-4 custom images perform well. Always include pictures, links, and videos in your posts. YouTube video links play directly in the news feed have a 75% higher share rate.
    • You can highlight different brands, initiatives, or business units with your organization by creating “Showcase Pages.” These pages have the same analytics and posting options as your LinkedIn page and adding employees with them is not allowed. These pages are listed on your main LinkedIn page under “Affiliated pages”.
    • You can introduce a new product or service of your company on the LinkedIn page and explain more about its requirements and specifications. You can give the link of your website in the post to drive traffic and turn the visitors into customers.
    • You can also sponsor content to the targeted professional audience and boost your company’s page and generate leads.

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