How To Stop Facebook From Revealing Everything About You

Shruti Sen4 years ago

Today Facebook has become a digital scrapbook of our daily lives and it leads to oversharing of personal information every now and then. All social media platforms are designed to encourage us to post as much as possible and as often as possible. But that isn’t a sensible thing to do, especially when there are identity thieves always on the lookout for open targets.

Here in this blog we will list out few things to tighten your online Facebook privacy which could save you from potential embarrassment one day.

Tip 1: Profile Lock Down

This is something you should do it right away if not done already. Go to the Settings section and hit the Privacy tab. Here you will be able to control who gets to see your future posts and friends list. The options that you can choose from are Public, Friends, Only Me and Custom.

Tip 2: Limiting Older Posts

By using this feature, the past content on your timeline that you’ve shared with friends of friends or Public will change to Friends only. In order to do this, go to the Privacy page, click on Limit Past Posts, then select Limit Old Posts and hit Confirm.

Tip 3: Become Harder To Find

Isn’t it annoying when completely random people send you friend requests on Facebook? You can stop this from happening by selecting Friends of Friends from the dropdown menu in the ‘Who can send you friend requests?’ section of the Privacy page. Additionally, at the bottom of the page is the option to prevent search engines outside of Facebook from linking to your profile.

Tip 4: Control Your Timeline Access

Who gets access to your Timeline is very important to control. You can set limits on who gets to post on it and who gets to see your Timeline posts too. You can do this by going to the Setting section and then go to Timeline and Tagging and edit the section you want to be locked.

Tip 5: Block & Restrict People

In order to keep your Facebook page free from annoying people, there are times when you need to take strict actions like blocking people. By doing so that won’t be able to see the posts you make, tag you, invite you to events or groups, start conversations with you or add you as a friend. This needs to be done separately for Messenger though. In order to block someone, you need to go to Settings and then Blocking. Another feature which you can use is to add people on the Restricted list – which basically means that they will still be your friend by can only see your public posts or posts on a mutual friend’s timeline.

Tip 6: Tag Review

Being able to review the posts that you are tagged in before they appear on your timeline is one of the best privacy features of Facebook. You can do this by going to the Timeline and Tagging tab and then enable Timeline Review Controls.

Tip 7: Disable Apps

In the Settings and Apps section, you can view the list of all the apps you’ve connected to your Facebook account so far. This is worth to take a look and disable them so that those apps no longer use the access to your personal information. If you don’t want to log into websites and apps with your facebook account, scroll down and turn Platform off.

Tip 8: Alter Your Ad Preferences

By going to Settings and Adverts you can view a list of everything Facebook thinks you’re into. You can alter your ad preferences there. The desktop version displays more information that the app, so therefore this step is recommended to be done on the computer.

Tip 9: Download Your Data

So Facebook has a wonderful feature where it lets you download all of your data which includes the posts you’ve made, message, photos, ads you’ve clicked on and even the IP addresses that you’ve logged in or out of the site. It’s a lot of information and downloading it all will ensure that you never over share on this platform again.


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