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Aravinda Holla4 years ago

Super Bowl is the time of the year when every brand wants to showcase its product and grab as many eyeballs as possible. Some brands really kill it by coming up with witty and entertaining ads whereas some of them miss the spot. Almost all the brands spend most of their Super Bowl advertising money on TVCs, since that’s where most viewers catch the action. This year, a 30 second ad slot during the Super Bowl went for $5 Million!

From the last few years, some of the brands have started to leverage their TV commercials to beef up their online presence as well.  In this blog, we track down 5 Brands that made the most of their Super Bowl ads on YouTube:

1. Jeep

Many critics considered this the most stylish Super Bowl Ad of 2016. Set to original music performed by Morgan Dorr, the 1 minute commercial got over 1 million views within the first two days of being uploaded. It added over 11 thousand subscribers through the video taking the count to 66 thousand as of today:

Jeep Superbowl Ad

Check out the complete channel stats here.

Here’s the advertisement:

2. HyundaiUSA

Kevin Hart being a protective father; on his daughter’s first date with a guy. The funny commercial centered around Hyundai’s Car Finder feature and it has amassed around 1 and a half million views within 10 days of being uploaded! Unsurprisingly, it drove a huge subscription to the channel which almost doubled in size from 79,790 to 153,104:

hyundai superbowl ad

Check out the complete channel stats here.

Here’s the commercial:


BMW’s MINI used its Superbowl ad to pass a serious message. It featured tennis star Serena Williams, rapper T-Pain and Abby Wambach among others to defy the generic labeling of the MINIs as gay, feminine or a cute car.


MINI USA’s YouTube channel doubled its subscribers within a span of 15 days from 18 thousand subscribers to over 37 thousand:

mini superbowl ad serena

Check out the complete channel stats here.

4. The Official Pokémon Channel

Pokemon – one of the most beloved franchises of the millennials, ran an advert celebrating 20 years of success. The video has clocked over 20 million views so far and the channel added over 62 thousand subscribers within a couple of weeks of its release!

pokemon superbowl ad

Check out the complete channel stats here.

 Here’s the advert:

5. Heinz Ketchup

Heinz doesn’t’ have an active presence on YouTube. In the past 2 years, they have just uploaded 6 videos on their channel. Understandably, they had daily average subscriber growth in single digit numbers for most of the duration. But because of this insane ‘Weiner Stampede’ video, their subscriber count has increased almost 20 fold from 1,938 at the beginning of this year to 19,668 as of now!

Heinz superbowl ad

Check out the complete channel stats here.

Here’s the video ad:

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial this year? Leave them in the comments below and we’ll try including them in the blog.

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