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Niharika Dutta4 years ago

The battle continues! YouTube is set to be conquered by a Bollywood music label, T-series. T series subscribers are helping the brand win the subscriber war.

PewDiePie has been the uncontested king of YouTube for the last 5 years now and boasts of a 70 million subscriber base. However, T-Series is gearing up to take the throne and the subscriber war has been the talk of the town lately.

T series vs PewDiePie : What Do Stats Suggest?

This has happened for the first time that another YouTube channel has left PewDiePie behind and is now standing at a 69-million+ subscriber count.

Not just that, T Series subscribers base grew faster than ever. While PewDiePie’s subscriber base grew by 15% since this year’s beginning. As per Vidooly’s data, T-series’ follower count has more than doubled in this span of time. 

PewDiePie, the Swedish YouTuber, has seen 9.7 million subscribers adding on his YouTube channel in the past year, as against a whopping 40 Million+ on T-Series.

Talking about views, T-Series is already at the top of the game. It boasts of more than 51 billion views while PewDiePie is standing at 19 billion right now. And now T Series subscribers are making headlines in the YouTube world.

YouTuber vs the whole nation!

“PewDiePie”, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, started out as a video game commentator, uploading his vlogs. He has diversified into a wider range of entertaining content now. The YouTuber has amassed a massive following amongst young males in the age group of 18-24.

A single YouTube content creator having an influence of such a degree is praiseworthy. He has actually set an example for other YouTube creators on how to build a brand online. His influence is such that fans worldwide are standing up for him to save the brand from losing the top spot.

T-Series, on the other hand, is a major record label and film production company based in India. Their YouTube channel began in 2006 and has been since uploading music videos of Bollywood songs and movie trailers, both of which are a rage back in India, which is also a contributing factor to T Series subscribers count.

The Swedish YouTuber has garnered a maximum of 30 million+ views on a single video while that number stands at 603 million for T-Series. Artist Guru Randhawa’s song “Lahore” has garnered this magic number, making him the most viewed Indian singer on YouTube. 

What Works For Both Channels?

India has come a long way in terms of internet penetration, as low-cost and high-speed 4G services have now reached remote places of the country. Combine that with the fact that Bollywood music is extremely popular amongst the masses in the country.

But that’s not the only factor. After all, there’s a crowd of other channels that post such music videos in India. What sets the company apart is its strong online promotion strategy.

T-series boasts of an expansive directory of songs consisting of music from other languages, genres, and independent artists as well. Their music video promotion strategies revolve around this mix of musical talent and are tailored to cater to the young millennial’s thirst for consuming music content online.

On the other hand, PewDiePie is thriving on the loyalty of their subscribers. With the support of his fans, PewDiePie has been able to pull out additional subscribers and still lies ahead as against predictions. This factor has been a strong point for the YouTuber in this battle of T Series Vs PewDiePie.

T Series vs PewDiePie : Our Final Take

The success of T-Series has been under the scanner of YouTube content creators worldwide. We, at Vidooly, resonate with their opinion and we feel it’s a bit unfair to compare a corporate brand with an individual YouTuber.

Now that T-Series has surpassed PewDiePie, the Swedish YouTuber’s achievements should never be overlooked. After all, a lone YouTuber did give a huge corporate brand a run for their money.

At the same time, it’s also fun to see a healthy competition ensue in the T Series Vs PewDiePie war while the whole internet community looks on. FlareTV is even running a subscriber base live count of the two channels on YouTube. You can check it out if you want to know the PewDiePie Vs T Series live sub count.

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