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While a creator uploads and optimizes a new video, YouTube informs: “Now, you can rate your own uploads against our ad-friendly content guidelines” After one and half years of announcing the development of a self-rating monetization system, YouTube launched the feature.  A bunch of creators were asked to rate their own video content during the upload so that ads run are relevant to the video content. YouTube’s self-certification feature launched by its CEO Susan Wojcicki...


So it’s that time of the year again! We’re just a couple of days away from the biggest gifting day of the year. Aren’t you all excited?! If you are a content creator looking to gift your fans a great video on the occasion, here are some cool ideas that can inspire you. So, here are 10 Christmas Video Ideas: 1. Hack videos Christmas can also be a stressful time for a lot of people...


Metadata: Metadata is one of the most important parts of an upload. It consists of all the information and packaging you give to your video. Metadata of a video consists of: Title, Description, Tags, Thumbnail, and other information like category, publish date, cast & crew etc. The metadata is one of the two most important metrics that make your video discoverable. READ MORE: 5 noteworthy ways to increase engagement on  


Annotations: They are the clickable areas on any video that lead to other videos, playlist, channel page, subscribe, website, merchandise, etc. They can be notes, labels, texts, speech bubbles, can keep them as text or hyperlink. There’s another annotation, spotlight, which uses elements from within the video, you can highlight anything using a spotlight and hyperlink it.   Don’t forget to Sign Up with us Vidooly.


If you want to build a really successful brand on YouTube, the key is audience engagement. Almost everyone who sets up a channel on YouTube would kill to get loyal fan following. But not everyone can do it! So how does one increase engagement with the audience? Here are 5 Simple ideas that can help get you started: Get more subscribers The first step to follow before starting your audience engagement efforts is to build...


Off late, there’s an increase in the ongoing trend of capitalising on the  reach and virality of YouTube. We’ve earlier seen how brands are releasing the commercial ads on YouTube first and later as a TVC. It’s also a good way to gauge the popularity of the content on YouTube. (smaller sample size, wider analytics). It not only helps you define your content with the audience response but is a sure short way to ‘test...

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