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Metadata: Metadata is one of the most important parts of an upload. It consists of all the information and packaging you give to your video. Metadata of a video consists of: Title, Description, Tags, Thumbnail, and other information like category, publish date, cast & crew etc. The metadata is one of the two most important metrics that make your video discoverable. READ MORE: 5 noteworthy ways to increase engagement on  


Annotations: They are the clickable areas on any video that lead to other videos, playlist, channel page, subscribe, website, merchandise, etc. They can be notes, labels, texts, speech bubbles, can keep them as text or hyperlink. There’s another annotation, spotlight, which uses elements from within the video, you can highlight anything using a spotlight and hyperlink it.   Don’t forget to Sign Up with us Vidooly.


From the AIB’s New Show trailer to the European Refugee Crisis, here are the top 10 YouTube videos we tracked for the third week of September. Note: Below each video, you can check out the complete Video analysis, Social Media analysis , and Influencer Analysis; powered by Vidooly’s powerful Big Data engine. 1. Welcome to Fatherhood | PatrickCorr: Fatherhood is the ultimate test and can be tougher than being a ninja. Check out this video which...


With over 1 Billion unique users, YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world after Google. To give you a sense of how big YoTube is, sample this – 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! And that is exactly why brands & content creators are adopting YouTube as one of their main marketing mediums to engage with their customers and users. READ MORE: HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR YOUTUBE VIEWS ORGANICALLY? # CREATORS TIPS Here’s an interesting...

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